Saturday, June 04, 2005

IRRELEVANT AND ANTI-DEMOCRATIC: Chirac and Schroeder Ignore the People

BBC: "French President Jacques Chirac flies to Berlin later today to dine with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. The two leaders, who are due to discuss the future of the EU Constitution, have already called for the ratification process to continue across Europe."

Jacques and Gerhard have the support of ONLY 1-in-5 of their fellow countrymen - but they don't seem to care. Why should they? Elitists never do! Eltiists think they know better. Which is why the EU constitution has failed: it enshrines elitism and this makes the voters of Europe feel less empowered. IOW: the voters of France and Holland GOT IT RIGHT; voters - like free-markets pricing things - usually do.

After Chirac and Schroeder are thrown out of office their respective nations can begin the process of reform AT HOME. IMHO: Only after that job is done can Europe successfully federalize under a continental constitution.

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