Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Here's an excerpt from Bush's Sept. '02 speech to the UN General Assembly [emphasis and numbers added]:

If the Iraqi regime wishes peace, it will [1] immediately and unconditionally forswear, disclose, and remove or destroy all weapons of mass destruction, long-range missiles, and all related material. If the Iraqi regime wishes peace, it will [2] immediately end all support for terrorism and act to suppress it, as all states are required to do by U.N. Security Council resolutions. If the Iraqi regime wishes peace, it will [3] cease persecution of its civilian population, including Shi'a, Sunnis, Kurds, Turkomans, and others, again as required by Security Council resolutions. If the Iraqi regime wishes peace, it will [4] release or account for all Gulf War personnel whose fate is still unknown. It will return the remains of any who are deceased, return stolen property, accept liability for losses resulting from the invasion of Kuwait, and fully cooperate with international efforts to resolve these issues, as required by Security Council resolutions. If the Iraqi regime wishes peace, it will [5] immediately end all illicit trade outside the oil-for-food program. It will accept U.N. administration of funds from that program, to ensure that the money is used fairly and promptly for the benefit of the Iraqi people. If all these steps are taken, it will signal a new openness and accountability in Iraq. And it could open the prospect of the United Nations helping to build a government that represents all Iraqis -- a government based on respect for human rights, economic liberty, and internationally supervised elections.

No one with any intelligence, a shred intellectual honesty, or an ounce of self-respect could now claim that the whole case against Saddam was based on WMD stockpiles, and that therefore since we did not find stockpiles that the war was a mistake or a hoax. INDEED: those who continue to argue that "Bush Lied" or that the war was all about WMD are the ones perpetrating the hoax! AND THAT MEANS YOU BARBARA BOXER! Bush made a case using 5 different aspects of the UNSCR's which Saddam had violated. Except for stockpiles, Saddam is guilty as charged!

Another hoax that the Left is STILL peddling (see today's Taranto on SALON) is that Bush lied when he uttered those famous 16 words in his 2003 SOTU (and that this is "SCANDAL." Here's what Bush said:
"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." This statement was NOT based on forged documents (perhaps the product of Rocco Martino as Leftist Josh Micah Marshall asserts - as if it had ANYTHING to do with Bush's SOTU).

Bush's statement was based on British intelligence. How do I know this!? That's what Bush said, and I know how to speak English! Well, there's also the fact that the British government had an investigation of their intelligence and the report concluded that there was ample intelligence for the British government to draw its conclusion that Saddam had INDEED tried to buy uranium in AFRICA.

REMEMBER: contrary to what that scumbag Joe Wilson may think, (and I mean scumbag in a nice way) Bush's SOTU did NOT once include the word "Niger." Therefore, when Wilson, Salon or anyone else makes this charge they are being utterly FALSE. FACTCHECK.ORG agrees.

SO... I'm here to tell the Left to "GET OVER IT ALREADY, DAMMIT!" And to ask them this: "decide whose side you want to be on: the side of universal human rights and democracy - or the side of ruthless neojihadists and baathists."

I have a feeling that they're gonna stay in the weasely middle-of-the-road, where they can carp and propagandize without making any real contribution to the war. Like Chirac and Schroeder and Zapatero.

In a war between the West and the Islamofascists (both the neojihadist and baathist varieties), the middle-of-the-road is an apt place for the passe appeaserati of the Left - both domestic and overseas varieties. WHO CARES, ANYWAY - as long as they get out of our way when we come through - or if not , as long as they duck.

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Anonymous said...

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