Saturday, December 25, 2004



"1989: Romania's 'first couple' executed - Deposed Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena have been shot by a firing squad after a secret military tribunal found them both guilty of crimes against the state. They were charged and convicted of genocide and undermining the national economy among a series of other offences, officials said."

Looking back, it is impossible not to agree that the last 25 years have brought more of humanity than ever closer to lives of liberty and the prosperity that only liberty produces.

Today - and for the last two years - the struggle to liberate our brothers and sisters in the Middle East has taken a heavy toll, but the prize is closer than it has ever been: Palestinian Arabs are having a rolling election - local positions now, culiminating with a presidential election in a few weeks; Iraq will soon have a presidential election in five weeks; in Central Asia, Afghanistan just had one.

Twisted tyrannical utopianist maniacs will stop at nothing to prevent the spread of liberty. They know that their evil totalitarian ideology cannot prevail within a democracy, so they deperately try to prevent the democratic revolution from spreading.

They will fail. Because their creed is of a bygone era when people could be enslaved by rulers who claimed to know better - or claimed to have a divine right to rule - ideas that've been completely discredited, and are properly consigned to the dustbin of history. Their time has passed.

What we see now are the violent death-throes of the condemned and soon to be buried. Why am I so sure that liberty and democracy will defeat tyranny and terror; well... as the wise man once said: yesterday has never defeated tomorrow. Tomorrow is inevitable - so is the spread of liberty and democracy.

I only wish more people - especially the Left (and the Old Media they dominate), and the Old "take freedom for granted" Europeans - appreciated that spreading democracy and human rights is our responsibility (America's - because we're the world's oldest, richest and strongest democracy; and Old Europe's because they should extend a hand to others in their time of need as a hand was extended to them in WW2).

Post-modernist Leftist ideology prevents this. Through "the academy" it has dominated, the post-modernism has infected the Left here in the USA, and in most the nations of Old Europe since the middle of the last century. It has promulgated an anti-West/anti-colonial version of history and promoted the culturally and morally relativistic ideology that is its twin.

This immoral, false and politically impotent ideology asserts that all cultures and all value systems are equivalent. And since all systems are equivalent, the only reason one dominates another is brute force - and, it asserts using brute force to "foist" YOUR value system on any another culture is bad/wrong - unless there is international/cross-cultural unanimity (which is why they ADORE the UN, and have only momentary regrets when the UN fails to act to prevent genocide in Rwanda or the Sudan or anywhere else). To Leftists/post-modernists only CONSENSUS can authorize/legalize/justify one culture interfering in another - EVEN IF THERE IS WIDESPREAD SYSTEMATIC HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS INCLUDING GENOCIDE. Can anything be more morally bankrupt?

I think not. I think that all humans everywhere deserve their inalienable rights. If that makes me a neo-con then FDR and Eleanor were neo-cons. And Blair is a neo-con. That's good company. Better than Kofi or Chirac. Or Ceausescu. Or Castro. Or Milosevic. Or Arafat. Or Mugabe. Or Bin Laden. Or Kim Jong Il. Or Assad. Or Khomeini. Or Saddam.

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