Saturday, July 04, 2009

Iranian tyrants getting more forced confessions from leaders of rebellion

Sickening. (More here.)

Iranian leaders say they have obtained confessions from top reformist officials that they plotted to bring down the government with a “velvet” revolution. Such confessions, almost always extracted under duress, are part of an effort to recast the civil unrest set off by Iran’s disputed presidential election as a conspiracy orchestrated by foreign nations, human rights groups say.

What's even MORE sickening?

Obama hasn't sufficiently supported the rebellion and won't take further steps to support the rebellion.

Obama is turning his back on our nation's central values - a central value of democracy and of our foreign policy for over a hundred years: self-determination for all nations and peoples.

Obama is evil.


Anonymous said...

Sorry posted this comment under my son's account, lets try that again.

Iran, Honduras, Israel, North Korea and Iraq thus far Obama has squarely placed himself on the wrong side of each of these critical issues. Even an idiot could stumble onto the right answer at least once. Or at least you would think so.

Reliapundit said...

took care of that for ya. thanks for commenting.

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