Saturday, September 03, 2005

KATRINA AND THE ROOT CAUSE OF LAWLESSNESS; and how to make NEW New Orleans a "Shining City on a Levee"

What separates lawlessness, and the social chaos which results from that lawlessness, from order is NOT just a thin blue line of police hired to enforce social norms and maintain law & order. It is the conscience of each person. The potential and the INCLINATION to do evil and to commit acts of lawlessness IS within each of us. But MOST of us control it. Our ability to control our behavior and to be "pro-social individuals" has to do with how we are RAISED and NOT OUR GENES (except perhaps in the case of clinically sociopathic criminals).

Many people are raised BADLY - with no respect for law or life. We see this most graphically in parts of Palestine where and when jihadistic parents dress their children up as sucide bombers and extol to them the "loveliness" of committing genocide.

Poverty does NOT cause children grow up badly and to behave in this way - nor does ethnicity; bad parenting does. Some of the finest parents in the history of the world were poor. Or ARE poor! Some of the worst are rich. Poor people can - and DO - raise WONDERFUL children who grow up to be good people (regardless of whether they become rich or poor themselves). And poor persecuted people can also raise wonderful kids. So racism is NO EXCUSE.

The breakdown of LAW AND ORDER in New Orleans is widespread BUT PERPETRATED by RELATIVELY FEW PEOPLE -- by THUGS and CRIMINALS - these are people who were thugs and criminals BEFORE the flood, and they are merely using the flood as an excuse to do what they ALWAYS want to do and often do when tthere is no flood and they think no one is looking!

Primarliy the lawlessness is the fault of the lawbreakers. As I have written and linked to in other posts: lawbreakers have been tolerated for way way WAY TOO LONG in New Orleans. This must stop. Adult lawbreakers must be dealt with harshly and imprisoned. Parents and schools must be made accountable for raising good LAW-ABIDING citizens.

After the clean up, and BEFORE reconstruction, we must plan a "NEW NEW ORLEANS" with better housing, better plumbing, better schools, and better jobs. Whole sections of the city will be bulldozed and perhaps the stae and the city and ther feds should declare vast tracks PUBLIC - by eminent domain - and then redeveloped with factories and schools and churches and everything that makes a city's physical plant attractive to investment, businesses, and the middleclass. I belive that New New Orleans might very well become a shining city on a hill - or levee, (HEH! - you should please PARDON the bad joke!).

With a new urban physical plant - properly zoned and financed by a combination of private and public sources - and with a new public committment to pro-social values and a new INTOLERANCE for lawlessness I am ABSOLUTELY SURE that NEW New Orleans will be mo' better than ever!

Besides the perp's themselves, the LOCAL AUTHORITIES BEAR THE MOST RESPONSIBILTY for allowing the conditions which permitted the lawlessness to be so rampant. The local government was inept and utterly incompetent. They should have been better prepared and had a plan to get poor people out of the city and to prevent looting in the otherwise vacated city. They did neither.

FOR INSTANCE, (as had been noted elsewhere), the locals could have AND THEREFORE SHOULD HAVE commandeered ALL CITY BUSES to forcibly evacuate EVERYONE BEFORE THE HURRICANE. They had the buses. They did nothing. The buses are now flooded, and useless because hey weren't even moved to higher ground for use AFTER a flood! This is UTTER INCOMPETENCE by LOCAL GOVERNMENT - (and somewhat by the state and the feds for NOT CATCHING IT BEFOREHAND).

The slowness of relief is another matter. Water and food should have been air-dropped at all central gathering locations (such as the Dome and the Convention Center) within the first 48 hours. It wasn't. For this the FEMA chief should be FIRED. But the slowness of relief is NO EXCUSE FOR LAWLESSNESS.

NOW: I think that the president ought to appoint Colin Powell and Tommy Franks and Rudy Giuliani (and a staff) nto lead a 3-man "Katrina Reconstruction Presidential Oversight Commission" to advise and assist the 3 effected governors (and all the effected mayors) and to make sure that they DO THE RIGHT THINGS with federal assistance.

My prayers are with everyone suffering from this horrific event.


Anonymous said...

First you blame the problem on the people that was abandon by the Federal government and at the end you pretend to be praying for them, you are a typical GOP hypocrite, and a racist fuck, go on and move to Israel you fucking traitor.

Reliapundit said...

i LOVE these whacko Leftists that come here and leave idiotic comments; they do mroe to discredit the Left than anything.

i blame ther Mayor and the governor - NOT the poor people.

I blame a city that tolerated lawlessness of every tyope for too long - lawless criminals whp prey MOSTLY on poor people.

i never blamed the poor people themselves - in fact i plainly argued that MOST poor people are law-abiding and that Leftists who say that poverty breeds crime are slandering poor people!

bad values and lack of values allows criminals to thrive.
poor people do not have a monoploy on bad values; there are PLENTY of middle class and rich people with bad values - and plenty of rich and middle class crooks!

i am NOT a GOP hypocrite: i am a registered Democrat and have been since 1974!

and also: thanks for exposing - ONCE AGAION - the anti-0asenmitism that is so rampant on today's WACKY Left.

you asre an idiotiarian jerk.

if you had bothered to REALLY read my posts and check out the links you could begin to deprogram yourself from your left-wing crappy propaganda.

also: i am NOT a racist. NEVER WAS. I have always adored african-ameriocan culture, and went to undergraduate schoool in New Orleans. While I was there i volunteered to help teach in public highschools which were pall black.

ALSO: My parents were VERY VERY active in the civil rights movement and they often took the whole family to civil rights cmarches with Dr. MLK Jr.

And in the 1970's we all upported the Black Panthers. But that was when I was a leftist. I am not a leftost anymore.

IO have seen the light.

you could too - but first you have to open your eyes!

again: your mean-spirited, ignorant misinformed knee-jerk leftist crap exposes you as a Grade-A asshole.

thanks for commenting here and showing eveyone why the Left is self-destructing. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!


Anonymous said...

reliapundit is a fucking racist Jew that believe that blacks and Arabs are inferior races, we need to get rid of his kind from America, besides the fucking Jews have no allegiance to any country but their own, so lets help them to get back to Tel Aviv and leave America once for all.

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