Saturday, January 10, 2015


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's editors have made a pretty sensible argument that all Americans should identify with the new French slogan "I am Charlie" after the massacre that took place at Charlie Hebdo's office by jihadists. And let's remember that this was the country who donated the Statue of Liberty to the USA in the 19th century. However, I'm going to have to take issue with this:
France’s strong tradition and staunch defense of freedom of the press and the role of satire, dating back centuries, also suggests that other French writers and creators will not be constrained by what happened at Charlie Hebdo. That weekly journal had already been firebombed in 2011.
After the anti-Israeli stances some of their press sources have taken and their refusal to cover the al-Dura scandal and other cases involving Islamofascism in the country honestly, including a demonstration against Islam at least a year ago, I don't think you can call it that so easily. In fact, it's that very ignorant approach much of the French press uses today that led to the bloodbath, because they wouldn't show the guts Charlie Hebdo did, or make any call for ridding Europe of Islamofascists and putting an end to badly structured legal systems that enable Islamofascists and their sympathizers to conduct lawfare. The Post-Gazette should also ponder that many American press outlets have also acted like cowards, including the New York Daily News. How does that help victims of jihadism? It does not.

In related news, the police are looking for Hayat Boumeddiene, the wife of the filth who murdered 4 hostages in the supermarket, who's no doubt as dangerous as he is. And Netanyahu's told French & European Jews that Israel's their home and they can come here after the horror that took place. It's honestly sad but understandable that now, many European Jews will feel they have to depart, but that's because of how Europe spectacularly failed to make any convincing improvements since WW2. Now, thanks to that incompetence, they're losing their best citizens while Islamofascism is allowed to grow on their home turf.

Update: there's also mass rallies being held in memory of the fallen.

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