Saturday, January 10, 2015


Dan Slott may have retweeted some posts in favor of the victims of Islamofascism in France this week, but no sooner was that done, he's begun to fall back on his old stance again, as the following screenshot of a Tom Brevoort tweet repeating the same farrago he spouted earlier makes clear:
I think this should make clear what we cannot expect from any comics publisher, any more than we could possibly expect from any movie studios: no stories written in solidarity tributes to the victims and their ideas, and probably no more tweets supporting the victims again anytime soon. There was a time when some of them did a memorial for 9-11 nearly 14 years ago (but even then, there were acts of leftism prevalent in the tributes), and since that time, they've largely abandoned any attempt to prove to victims of terrorism they really care about them. They're not all that different from various other cowards in the mainstream press who won't republish the Danish Mohammed cartoons.

In fact, take a look at this tweet from Ron Marz:

Yeah, just take attention away from the main issues at hand with moral equivalence and a disinterest in doing anything convincing to help make this a better world, that's Marz alright. It's just like him, a guy who hates conservatives, to say something so galling, and I no French citizen in the right frame of mind is going to be happy reading that drivel of his.

Marz also recently retweeted what's seen in the following screenshot a few weeks ago, which I almost forgot to make use of:
This is relevant to the current issue since France has similar gun control laws, and look how much good it's done: the Kouachi brothers and that filth named Amedy Coulibaly who held hostages in a kosher supermarket managed to get hold of firearms despite everything. Marz has obviously never heard of black market sales, a place where drug deals are also common.

Sometimes I wonder if these leftists really even thank France for building the Statue of Liberty as a gift to the USA in the 19th century, if they can't even come out staunchly in their favor at a time when help is needed.

While we're on the subject, here's something semi-related, a screenshot of a retweet by Gail Simone I'd wanted to post earlier, but forgot until now:
Much like Marz, she too trivialized serious issues by worrying all about Cheney and not the jihadists, nor the despots who harbor them. Truly shameful.

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