Saturday, November 03, 2018

Brazil's new president will move embassy to Jerusalem

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's new president is thankfully friendly to Israel, and he's even willing to move the country's embassy to Jerusalem:
Until a few weeks ago, Jair Bolsonaro, now the president-elect of Brazil, was a little-known legislator. No one thought he would go on to become the leader of the country.

But on Wednesday, a week after he astonished everyone by winning the presidential election in Brazil – the largest democracy in Latin America – Bolsonaro chose Israel Hayom for what appears to be his first interview with the foreign media, and made it clear that his support for Israel and promises about Jerusalem were not just an election gimmick.

In a tweet on Thursday, Bolsonaro reiterated his position that he saw no problem in possibly moving the Brazilian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a platform he had promoted during his campaign.

"I plan to move the embassy to Jerusalem,"
the unequivocal tweet stated.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the sentiment from "my friend the President-elect of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, for his intention to transfer the Brazilian Embassy to Jerusalem. This is a historic, correct and thrilling step."
One that he'll hopefully follow through with. Bolsonaro's doing the right thing, and this'll serve to eventually encourage other countries to follow suit more clearly.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Antisemitism cannot be politicized

Shmuley Boteach addressed the tragedy at the Conservative-leaning synagogue in Pittsburgh, and the left's efforts to exploit it, milking it for all it's worth as a means to attack Donald Trump:
This past Saturday, the Jewish day of rest, a middle-aged man burst into a baby-naming service at a Pittsburgh synagogue. What followed was the deadliest antisemitic attack in American history. Eleven men and women, who had come only to celebrate and to pray, were gunned down, their blood pooling around their scattered prayer books.

A heroic team of local police officers charged the shul under heavy fire. Though many sustained severe wounds, the massacre was finally brought to an end. The gunman was captured and should, in my opinion, face the death penalty.

In the days since the attack, President Donald Trump has unequivocally condemned the slaughter as an “antisemitic act of pure evil.” The president declared “the widespread persecution of Jews” to be “one of the ugliest and darkest features of human history,” and one that he vowed to fight. “It will take all of us working together to extract the poison of antisemitism from our world,” the president went on, asking Americans to “unite to conquer hate.”

The shooter, 46-year-old Robert Bowers, announced his arrival at the synagogue by screaming “all Jews must die.” He allegedly later told police officers that Jews were committing “genocide against his people.” Pretty ironic, that. A racist Jew-hater claiming the Jews are guilty of genocide just one week before the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht.
While the monster could be an Aryan nationalist, it's also possible he's a Muslim convert who sides with the "palestine" propaganda, and his drivel stemmed from the ideologies he embraces. That's something we'll all have to ponder, unless further investigation proves he's not.
On social media, Bowers had frequently attacked not only Jews but Trump for his closeness to Jews, to whom he referred in the most grotesque terms. “Trump is surrounded by k****,” the rancid killer lamented, “there is no #MAGA as long as there is a k*** infestation.”

DESPITE THESE facts, however, many people have come close to blaming Trump for the shooting.

Joe Biden, widely expected to run for the presidency in 2020, seemed to do so when he tweeted, apparently to the president, that “words matter” and “silence is complicity.”

Famed economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman suggested that Trump was to blame, at least in part. Speaking sarcastically, Krugman tweeted a link to the story with the caption, “but none of the white supremacist terrorism has anything to do with Trump, oh no.”

The Washington Post, also, featured an op-ed on its home page titled “How Culpable is Trump for the Shooting.” The author of that piece, GQ’s Julia Ioffe, tweeted “a word to [her] fellow American Jews: This president makes this possible. Here. Where you live. I hope the embassy move over there, where you don’t live was worth it.”

To politicize the murder of 11 Jews – let alone the worst antisemitic attack on American soil in our nation’s history – is lamentable.
Yet this has practically become the norm for years, perpetrated by freaks whose altruism is questionable at worst. It would be highly preferable the leftists - and even pseudo-rightists - keep their mouths shut if they can't do it without politicizing the whole issue.

While we're on the subject, I thought it was also concerning that the Haredi press in Israel is also politicizing the tragedy in their own way, by trying to avoid calling Tree of Life a synagogue, all because they so dislike the Conservative faith and don't want to accept it as a sect:
Israel’s haredi press covered the Sabbath attack on Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue in full Sunday morning, but as has become the norm the online haredi media reported uncomfortable facts and notions without blinking whereas the daily newspapers, which are controlled for content by rabbinical committees, used their traditional euphemisms.

The troubling matter in question: non-Orthodox synagogues and Jews.

Almost all the leading haredi daily newspapers led their Sunday editions with the news, but neglected to use the word synagogue to describe the building where the Conservative congregation which was attacked prays.

The widest circulation haredi daily Yated Neeman of the non-hassidic “Lithuanian” community led its newspaper with the story, with its headline reading “Neo-Nazi terror attack in Jewish center,” but did not mention that the Tree of Life community is progressive or use the word synagogue.
Even if their omission of the word synagogue is not the foremost important matter here, it's still troubling they'd do such a thing because they don't like non-Orthodox congregations. They should consider apologizing and admitting they're letting ideology get in the way of a clear understanding.

Then, Caroline Glick rightly condemns leftist Jews who attack Trump at a time like this, making a point that they're dishonoring the victims as a result:
Breitbart News’s Caroline Glick said left-wing Jews blaming President Donald Trump for inciting Saturday’s mass murder at a Pittsburgh synagogue are “dishonoring the dead” and “dishonoring the cause of fighting anti-Semitism.” She offered her remarks in a Monday interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Glick said, “It would’ve been good if the Jewish community in the United States and the national leadership, instead of pronouncing these milquetoast things that we all need to be more civil in our tone, would say, ‘No, we have to be less civil to anti-Semites. We have to be less civil to people who want to annihilate the Jewish people [and] the Jewish state.'”

Glick added, “But what we’re finding, particularly among left-wing Jews is that they’re using it to attack the administration and trying to conflate the Nazi who committed this massacre with President Trump. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth.” [...]

Glick noted how various news media outlets framed a left-wing and partisan Democrat organization as a “Jewish group.”

Glick said, “[They are] pretending that it’s a mainstream Jewish organization and getting a bunch of people who side with their hatred of president Trump to sign a petition telling him that he’s not allowed to come to Pittsburgh to mourn the deaths of the victims of Saturday’s atrocity.”

Glick continued, “This is pure prostitution. This is people who are not honoring the dead. They’re dishonoring the dead and they’re dishonoring the cause of fighting anti-Semitism in the United States and elsewhere when they turn it into a means to try to batter a president who has been extraordinary both to the Jewish state of Israel and the Jewish people more generally in his regard and esteem for them.”

Glick went on, “It’s really horrible and it sets back any attempt to fight anti-Semitism when you hide who the perpetrators are and you instead blame people who are blameless for the atrocity.”

Glick noted the prevalence of anti-Zionism on the left and within the Democrat Party. Marlow said, “[There is] a mainstreaming of anti-Zionism in the Democratic Party.”
So what good does it do to protest anti-semitism when it's clear these disgraceful representatives aren't really worried at all, and only use it as an excuse to bash right-wing politicians? Those leftist community leaders committing exploitation of tragedies owe an apology for watering down the subjects for the sake of their personal politics. It's awful the gunman was able to strike, and it's also awful the leftists are using these tragedies to fuel their agendas lacking altruism.

Friday, October 12, 2018

The al-Durah libel in retrospect

Richard Landes wrote on Tablet about one of the most notorious cases of anti-semitic, anti-Israeli blood libels ever concocted by a European "journalist", in this case being the French-Israeli news producer Charles Enderlin, who, as noted here, had already made up his mind where he stood:
At one point in our viewing, a very large man grabbed his leg and began to limp badly. Perhaps he had not faked his injury convincingly enough, perhaps his size discouraged anyone from picking him up. In any case, only children gathered around, whom he shooed away, and, after looking to see no one was coming, he walked away without a limp.

The Israeli France2 cameraman snorted.

“Why do you laugh?” I asked.

“It’s so obviously fake,” he responded.

“I know,” I said, turning to Enderlin, “this all seems fake.”

“Oh, they do that all the time. It’s a cultural thing” The senior correspondent replied.

“So why couldn’t they have faked it with al Durah?”

“They’re not good enough,” said Enderlin. “They can’t fool me.”

The other shoe had dropped. In earlier sessions with Nahum Shahaf, the first (“semi-official”) Israeli investigator of the al Durah affair, hired by IDF southern commander, Yom Tov Samia, I had seen over two hours of video from that day. This footage, shot by a Palestinian cameraman working for Reuters, had familiarized me with the Palestinian practice of staging scenes, whose basic sequence ran: Fake a dramatic injury, have people gather around you, pick you up (often brutally, without stretchers) and rush you to an ambulance, helpers eagerly grabbing the injured on the run, in order to get on camera. Those carrying the wounded, then throw him in the back of the ambulance, slam shut the doors, and the driver takes off, sirens blaring. That evening, you all go home and see how many times you made the news.

I already knew that Palestinians faked footage, but what I now understood was that the mainstream news media, whose first imperative was to filter out such blatant propaganda, had accepted it as a normal practice, and used the fakes to tell the “real” story. Professional standards for journalists in the West can make even staging B-roll problematic. But apparently, in the Middle East, Western journalists have few problems with staged A-roll as long as they can cut it into believable site-bytes of Israeli aggression and Palestinian victimhood. Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon would later describe Netzarim Junction as the focal point of the new Arab-Israeli war, one in which “more than 30 were killed and hundreds injured.” [...]

This episode in 2003 with Enderlin was the first time that I got the response of a Western journalist to the rather obvious fakery and it amounted to: “But they do it all the time.”

A few months later, when the same footage was viewed in Paris with three “independent” journalists from the French MSNM, they too remarked on the extensive staging and they got a similar response: “Yes Monsieur, but, you know, it’s always like that,” said Didier Eppelbaum, Enderlin’s boss. To which one of the journalists, maintaining his commitment to integrity (but not for long), responded indignantly, “You may know that, but the public doesn’t.” Indeed, while both Enderlin and his boss will admit, behind what they think are closed doors, to this highly unprofessional behavior done “all the time,” on record, they state precisely the opposite. “Talal abu Rahma, Enderlin assured Esther Schapira in 2007, “is a journalist like me; he’s a prima facie witness. He told me what happened. I’ve no reason not to believe him.” Three years later, in his self-justifying book, he elaborated: “Never failing in his professionalism, Talal is a most credible source, and has been employed by France2 since 1988.”
Well it's pretty apparent that not only is Enderlin a self-hater, but that he, and his ilk, practically planned and were in favor of this right from the start. And that they're still unrepentant, no thanks to the culture of selfishness they were raised under. Sooner or later, they'll be exposed as the monsters they are, and will have to apologize for their sins.

Monday, October 01, 2018

Illegal Muslim immigrants contaminate tons of produce en route to UK

The catastrophous policies of Europe lead to loss of revenue on groceries like onions:
British authorities were forced to destroy over 100,000 pounds of onions which were “contaminated” by illegal migrants discovered hiding in delivery lorries.

Border Force officials discovered more than twenty illegal migrants who identified themselves as being from Afghanistan, Albania, Iran, and Iraq — all Muslim-majority countries — in two separate incidents in the Port of Poole, the Dorset Echo reports.

“In June 2017 and January 2018, a total of 47,000 kilograms of onions were surrendered at the Port of Poole following the discovery of clandestine migrants in two vehicles that were being used to transport the goods,” explained Peter Haikin, the Borough of Poole’s Regulatory Services Manager.

“As a result of the discoveries, all of the produce was disposed of to ensure that no contaminated goods would end up in any restaurants or supermarkets.”

He added: “Borough of Poole continues to work closely with authorities to ensure that produce being provided to restaurants, supermarkets and distributors is safe for consumption.”

The high street value of the destroyed onions was estimated at over £35,000.
And the interlopers themselves may not have even been deported. I wonder if all the chemicals from the onions caused them to sob on the way over? But not nearly as much as I assume the produce distributors did, after the Muslim interlopers cost them only so much money in food supplies.

Merkel's monstrous dealings with Iran

A writer for Tablet tells what's wrong with the conduct of Germany's premier, Angela Merkel:
In a remarkable comment that was ignored by the German media last month, the president of the country’s roughly 100,000-member Central Council of Jews suggested that Germany has failed to internalize the lessons of the Holocaust. According to Dr. Josef Schuster, Angela Merkel’s flourishing trade with a regime in Tehran that is both the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world and also the world’s top sponsor of lethal anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, is incompatible with the spirit of the Federal Republic’s own foundational commitments, and with the laws of a country where Holocaust denial is a crime punishable by up to five years in prison.

To understand Schuster’s frustration and disappointment with German society, it is worth citing his critique: “It seems paradoxical that Germany—as a country that is said to have learned from its horrendous past and which has a strong commitment to fight anti-Semitism—is one of the strongest economic partners of a regime [Tehran] that is blatantly denying the Holocaust and abusing human rights on a daily basis. Besides, Germany has included Israel’s security as a part of its raison d’être. As a matter of course this should exclude doing business with a fanatic dictatorship that is calling for Israel’s destruction, pursuing nuclear weapons and financing terror organizations around the world.”

Schuster called for “an immediate halt to any economic relations with Iran. Any trade with Iran means a benefit for radical and terrorist forces, and a hazard and destabilization for the region.”

Yet Merkel, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union, and her foreign minister, Heiko Maas, of the Social Democratic Party, rejected Schuster’s plea, and are now working overtime to circumvent U.S. sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Maas, who claimed earlier this year that he entered politics “because of Auschwitz,” argued for an alternative method to facilitate financial transfers to the radical clerical regime in Tehran, to bypass a United States plan to re-institute the ban on Iran’s use of the SWIFT system.

The moral and economic danger represented by Merkel’s emergence as Iran’s major champion in Europe has been a kind of secret that dare not speak its name in the media and among the chattering classes in the Federal Republic. A rare exception in a country that does not have the Anglo-American tradition of aggressive investigative reporting was the BILD newspaper’s exposé on a German company that sold material to merchants based in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. The components were later found in Iranian-produced rockets that contained chemicals used to gas Syrian civilians in January and February of 2018.

The rockets caused 21 Syrian children and adults to be poisoned. Germany’s export control agency told this writer that it will not bar the sale of such material in the future as a “dual-use” good that can be used for military and civilian purposes. The Krempel company that sold the material continues to do business with Iran and has a distribution center in the United States.

So what animates Germany’s devotion to Iran’s murderous regime, and its lack of solidarity—in both words and practice—with Israel? Economic interests are certainly front and center. Germany exported $3.42 billion in merchandise to Iran in 2017. Economic analysts said shortly after the 2015 nuclear deal was reached that German-Iranian trade could soon surpass $10 billion per year. Approximately 120 German companies operate inside the Islamic Republic, and 10,000 German businesses conduct trade with Iran. It should be noted that the German government not only rejects U.S. sanctions but also provides state credit guarantees to German companies that do business in the Islamic Republic, as means of facilitating German trade with Iran.
At this point, I think it'd be a good idea if sanctions were imposed upon Germany, if that helps send Merkel a message their conduct is unacceptable. And those companies still operating in the US should be given an eviction notice or have heavy fines imposed for violating laws against dealing with terror regimes. For now, we could certainly try to boycott companies like Krempel and not bankroll their products. Read more of the article to see just how Germany's failed to seriously improve themselves for nearly a century already.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

US administration closes the PLO's office in Washington

The Trump administration's made another significant landmark decision that's to be proud of: they shut down the PLO's office in the District of Columbia (via World Israel News):
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the US decision to close the PLO mission in Washington, DC on Tuesday evening.

“The US made the right decision regarding the PLO mission in Washington,” Netanyahu said, according to Israel’s Channel 2. “Israel supports the American actions that are intended to make it clear to the Palestinians that the refusal to negotiate and the attempts to attack Israel in international forums will not advance peace.”

The US announced that it would close the mission on Monday, giving the staff several months to vacate. The State Department said in a statement that the move was directly connected to the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to negotiate with Israel or to consider any peace plan put forward by the Trump administration.
In addition, this makes an important step in shredding the lies of a "palestinian state", as one of the Israeli government ministers puts it:
Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) on Wednesday welcomed US President Donald Trump's decision to close Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) offices in Washington DC.

"This decision joins the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the decision to stop funding UNRWA, which is an organization that perpetuates the refugees' pretend right of return," Katz said. "All these steps reach the roots of the conflict and tell Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas that he can not continue his double-talk."

"Trump is peeling the Palestinian lie like an onion - layer by layer. Their educational system as well teaches their children that 'big Palestine' is from the Jordan River to the sea. Trump comes and says: 'If you want to sit and negotiate, do it from a realistic place - Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and there is no right of return. Abbas' response shows exactly what he thinks of these issues."
And Abbas should be arrested for the war crimes he committed decades ago, and not recognized as any kind of a leader. He is only a war criminal. The closure of their mission in the US was a long time in coming, and thankfully, it's been done, saving US taxpayers a lot of money.

Sana Amanat supports the awful Linda Sarsour

The tweet seen in the following screenshot was posted by Amanat in the past year or so, and gives an idea of just what kind of people she stands with, no matter how reprehensible their ideologies:
Yikes...Amanat supports Linda Sarsour, one of the most vicious Islamists in left-wing politics and a leader of the phony women's march at the time in Wash. DC? Some of Sarsour's most offensive remarks include incitement against Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel, vicious attacks on Zionism/Israel at an event that was supposedly against antisemitism, and even, more recently, calls to stop humanizing Jews. As the Queens Gazette says, the left's giving the wrong person a crown. And one the worst offenders in that regard is Amanat, who's made clear by her endorsement that she's practically against the Jews who founded the comics medium as we know it, including Marvel guru Stan Lee. No wonder the Muslim Ms. Marvel series has since tanked.

And this is a sad reminder of how the world Lee built up has long been destroyed by these infiltrators who despise all his creations stood for. If these are the people who've become the overlords devastating Marvel from within, that's why it's probably for the best that their demise come sooner than later, rather than have it all turned into a true demon-fest.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Friedman on 9-11 Memorial

During this year's 9-11 Memorial service, US ambassador David Friedman spoke in the above video interview about how Israel and the USA share the same tragedies and values. And he's absolutely correct. He deserves much credit for making some important points.

Update: and here's more about this year's 9-11 Memorial service, including Donald Trump's courage to state that Muslim radicals attacked America during 2001:
President Donald Trump proclaimed September 11th as Patriot Day, acknowledging that the United States was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists on this day in 2001.

“Although that fateful Tuesday 17 years ago began like any other, it erupted into horror and anguish when radical Islamist terrorists carried out an unprecedented attack on our homeland,” Trump wrote in his proclamation, noting that the terrorists were “enemies of liberty.”
Here's also news of a memorial service he attended along with Melanie Trump, this year's Flight 93 Memorial service, pictures from the time, the Pentagon's memorial service, notes on how researchers are still trying to identify 1000 victims years later, and an important reminder by a commissioner that jihadists will try to strike again.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Even Dust's outfit in the X-Men isn't good enough for some Islamists

Look what we have here on the BBC for starters. An Islamist from Boston, looking for something to be offended by, shows she's not satisfied with the niqab outfit design of Dust by drawing up her own idea of what Sooraya Qadir should be wearing:
Sara Alfageeh, from Boston, USA, has always loved comics. As a child, she used to "run home from the library with stacks of them".

But the recent depiction of one character annoyed her so much she chose to take matters into her own hands.

In a tweet, Ms Alfageeh vented her frustration with the way the X-Men character Dust was drawn.

Dust, a mutant from Afghanistan, is described by Marvel as having a strong "respect for tradition".

Ms Alfageeh shared an image of Dust and asked: "Who looked at a niqabi character and still gave her the latex costume treatment?"
Well the answer to that would be both writer Grant Morrison, who's leftist, and artist Ethan Van Sciver, who's rightist. And the former's ideas for entertainment are what the latter was going by, right down to the propaganda angle. Yet even that's not good enough for the whiner - whose word on being a fan shouldn't be taken at face value - and so she took to working on conceiving her own idea of what it should be like:
The question clearly hit a nerve with many other comic book fans.

A number agreed that the design of Dust's outfit was not reflective of a realistic niqab and took issue with the form-fitting outfit.
Gee, I wouldn't be too sure, though I can certainly say the veil/head covering is definitely degrading to women (and there's even some Muslims willing to say the same), not to mention very unhealthy, and I'll even say the outfits/wigs worn by Satmar adherents are degrading, certainly if the women in their insular communities are required to cut off their hair underneath. By the way, how do we know the people the BBC speak of are actually "fans"?
Ms Alfageeh told the BBC she was annoyed the artist had "felt the need to sexualise Dust" and make her "clothes cling to her body".
I don't know why neither Morrison nor Van Sciver are mentioned here, but I do believe it was regrettable Marvel succumbed to whitewashing Islam in the post-911 years, and come to think of it, such outfits in themselves are an insult to women's sexuality. If anything, this shows there's SJWs out there who're throwing both Morrison and Van Sciver under the bus even after all the propaganda efforts they were willing to make in their favor.
One Twitter user said: "No female artist would ever pretend that's how boobs work."
Umm, that's not so at all, if you've ever seen Rachel Dodson's artwork, or considered that Trina Robbins was the artist who co-created Vampirella. And there's others too, so don't go around insulting even the female contributors to comicdom who've had their own share of hot body character designs.
While another pointed out having tight material on one's chest would be "so uncomfortable in the desert".

Twitter user Anile expressed concern that the tightness of Dust's abaya (long robe) would restrict the superhero's ability to breathe.
Umm, what if, worse still, it made her sweaty and hot underneath? And again, there's that health issue of osteoporosis and heart disease to consider.
Ms Alfageeh, "fuelled by bitterness and a deep love of street fashion", decided to take matters into her own hands and redesign the hero's attire - echoing a recent trend on social media to redraw comic book characters seen as sexist.
See, this is all that concerns them, petty issues over whether a character looks sexy, and acting like that's literally an abominable thing. It's very sad how both western - and eastern - beauty standards are being villifed by anonymous mental cases who have nothing better to do, and clearly suffer from internet addiction.
Despite being a popular character in the X-Men universe, Dust has previously drawn criticism for being poorly researched.

For example, Marvel lists her place of origin as an "unrevealed location in western Afghanistan".

However, Dust speaks in Arabic, rather than Pashto or Dari, which are much more commonly spoken in Afghanistan.
As a matter of fact, Pashto is built on the Arabic alphabet, so that's not necessarily a big deal as they want it to be. But seriously, Dust is "popular"? I'd say it's disputable because of the pro-Islamic propaganda angle the character's built on, and like many other comics, X-Men's declined in sales over the years. Still, this demonstrates that, no matter how kowtowing Morrison could be, his fellow SJWs wouldn't care for long.

This ABC affiliate's no better in their own fawning:
"For me, I had the same way I tackle any type of illustration I do: I do the research. ... That was looking at Instagram, it was looking at Pinterest, it was looking at fashion blogs, it was seeing what Muslim women were already putting themselves out there in. I was thinking also in terms of, OK, well, this has to be a practical outfit. She's a superhero. She's going places, she's doing stuff. And so how do I balance this more fashionable aspect with this more practical aspect? And then on top of that, I loved the original, iconic yellow and blue of the X-Men series," Alfageeh said. [...]

But it wasn't just the design that struck Alfageeh. For example, Dust's character is from Afghanistan, yet the comics show Dust speaking Arabic, which isn't one of the two official languages in the country.

"Dust is honestly a summary of uninspired and lazy writing. … She just didn't really have much to offer besides the fact that she's the X-Men Muslim superhero, that's it. That's where they stopped writing her, and I think the bar just needs to be so much higher than that. You need to create a good character first before you start checking off your diversity quota," Alfageeh said.
Ironically, this is so in a sense: the story angle by Morrison was pro-Islam, no matter what the outfit's like. But that's beside the point. He had a big chance to explore all sorts of other challenging cultures and nationalities, like eastern European and Balkan lands such as Bulgaria and Croatia, religions like Shintoism and Confucianism, yet he chose what's long turned out to be the most easy-peasy, cheapjack ideology of all, Islam, which seems to be all that matters to these "progressive" leftists. If that's all they're interested in, and nothing else, then they're lazy and uninspiring. And it's hilarious how these kind of people the BBC/ABC speaks of are the ones they'll give time to argue in favor of "good character" prior to diversity quotas, in contrast to what a lot of other SJWs in comics are doing nowadays. If all they can do is practice taqqiya (deceit) about Islam itself, then they haven't accomplished any good, and to say "good character" isn't accurate. It's good writing that makes the character the same, not just merely the character alone.
Dust isn't the only female Muslim comic character, but Alfageeh has some advice for getting these types of characters portrayed more accurately

"The first step is to forget that you're creating this Muslim character. We're not 100 percent defined by how we visibly represent ourselves or by our faith. … Focus on making a good story, and then ... make sure you know who's in your audience and that you're speaking directly to them," Alfageeh said.
But if they're not willing to be honest about each and every part of the Koran, then again, they're not making a good story at all. It's the same if they're whitewashing communism, nazism and even Scientology, among other horrid ideologies. All that aside, they are right about one thing: Dust's not the only Muslim character Marvel's produced over the years. There's also Kamala Khan, and how strange that so far, the Muslim Ms. Marvel hasn't been mentioned in these articles, because her attire actually goes against the buffoon's beliefs even more, as she doesn't wear even a hijab, and there have been Islamists who've considered that going against their beliefs as well. Is it because Dust has all but fallen by the wayside while the Muslim Ms. Marvel's been shoved down the audience's throats more often today that they decided this would make a perfect time-wasting form of news? Obviously, given the level of propaganda the Khan character's come to represent, along with the fact 2 of the developers for Marvel were Muslim themselves, they must've not felt up to mentioning that.

This is just more laughable social justice propaganda that shows even leftists of yesteryear like Morrison are getting their ideas shunned for not being PC enough to suit the modern SJWs standards, and in eventual time, even Kamala Khan's bound to be subject to the same complaints as Sooraya Qadir's now undergoing.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn maintained connections with planner of terrorist attack in Har Nof

British Labour overlord Corbyn's record gets worse all the time. The latest revelations show his ties to murderous jihadists who planned anti-semitic violence:
After British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn stirred outrage earlier this week when pictures surfaced of him attending a 2014 wreath-laying ceremony for the terrorists who massacred 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, new pictures from the event emerged on Wednesday. The pictures show Corbyn alongside Tunisian terror chief Maher al-Taher, whose group claimed responsibility for the 2014 Har Nof synagogue massacre.

In the November 2014 attack, four prominent rabbis and a police officer, including three US citizens and one British citizen, were brutally murdered when two Arab suspects from east Jerusalem’s Jabl Mukaber neighborhood stormed the Kehillat Bnei Torah Synagogue in Har Nof, wielding axes, knives and a pistol.

The two perpetrators of the attack, who were killed in a shootout with police at the synagogues entrance, were members of the Popular Front of Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) of which Al-Taher is the leader-in-exile. The US, Israel and the EU classify the PFLP as a terrorist organization.

The Har Nof massacre took place only a month after Corbyn was photographed together with Al-Taher at the ceremony in Tunisia. The Labour leader, according to the British tabloid The Sun, was attending the event, which was labeled as a service to commemorate Palestinian “martyrs."
Here's a photo over here:

Corbyn is a most truly despicable excuse for a human being, and if the Labour party's smart, they'll distance themselves from him. But the sad part is, they probably won't, even if it results in the UK being isolated politically. There's more Jews leaving the UK now because of the antisemitism Corbyn's ilk have been mainstreaming along with acceptance of Islamofascism. In the end, they'll probably only have anti-Zionists like Satmar and Neturei Karta left, and movements like them are considered the only acceptable form of Orthodox Judaism because of their own anti-Israelism.

If Corbyn is allowed to continue as Labour overlord and worse, is elected to office, it'll mark the time Britain really plunged into darkness in modern times.

Son of an imam with feminist supporters ran a terrorist-training camp

I think this explains perfectly why today's leftist feminists must also be considered some of the most ignorant, vile people around, if this who they consider legitimate:
Already missing from the news cycle is the story of Muslim leader Siraj Wahhaj, who alerted authorities to the squalid conditions in New Mexico in which his son, two daughters, another man and woman, and 11 children were living.

Authorities arrived at the compound to some of the most horrifying conditions they had ever seen, and prosecutors identified the makeshift home as a training ground for militant children, including in carrying out school shootings. The imam’s son had been wanted for kidnapping his own four-year-old child, who had severe disabilities. The body of a young child was recovered from the site, but authorities have yet to verify its identity.

Siraj claims his son and daughters had strayed from his teachings of Islam, had somehow become radicalized, and were possibly dealing with mental illness. He presented himself as a peaceful and well-respected imam, careful to distance himself from the terrorist conditions in which his family was found. But the facts on that count are doubtful.

Who Is Siraj Wahhaj?

Born Jeffrey Kearse in Brooklyn, Wahhaj converted to the Nation of Islam in 1969, and changed his name to Jeffrey X12. He became a leader in the community and regularly taught that “white people are devils.” By 1975, he reigned in his outspoken racism toward white people and converted to a more orthodox Sunni Muslim, changing his name to the Arabic Siraj Wahhaj.

He is the founder of and an imam at Masjid At-Taqwa in Brooklyn, and is well known and respected, attracting Muslims from all over the world to hear him speak. In 1991, Wahhaj became the first Muslim to lead a prayer at the start of a session of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In that same year, he said, “As long as you remember that if you get involved in politics, you have to be very careful that your leader is for Allah. You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.”
Read the rest, and note how creatures like Linda Sarsour are allies and students of these horrific enemies too. It's clear the pere is no better than the fils, and doesn't consider his ideology to have any fault in leading to his son's own evils. That's why he must also be shunned for the terrible situations he's led to.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn worships perpetrators of the Munich murders

More damning evidence of UK Labour party overlord Corbyn's bigotry have surfaced, as it turns out 4 years ago, he paid tribute to the jihadists who carried out the massacre of Jewish athletes in Munich:
A memorial wreath in his hand, Jeremy Corbyn stands feet from the graves of terror leaders linked to the Munich Massacre.

The picture was among a number taken during a service to honour Palestinian 'martyrs'.

Buried in the cemetery in Tunisia are members of Black September, the terror group which massacred 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics.

One picture places Mr Corbyn close to the grave of another terrorist, Atef Bseiso, intelligence chief of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

Bseiso has also been linked to the Munich atrocity. Another image shows the Labour leader apparently joining in an Islamic prayer while by the graves.

Last night sources close to Mr Corbyn insisted he was at the service in 2014 to commemorate 47 Palestinians killed in an Israeli air strike on a Tunisian PLO base in 1985.

But on a visit to the cemetery this week, the Daily Mail discovered that the monument to the air strike victims is 15 yards from where Mr Corbyn is pictured – and in a different part of the complex.

Instead he was in front of a plaque that lies beside the graves of Black September members.
Go read the article for more. Pictures like these are worth thousands of words, and compound Corbyn's image as one of the worst political allies to evil.

This comes as recent polling reveals a lot of the UK public feel Corbyn handled charges of antisemitism very badly:
The majority of the public believe Labour has handled recent allegations of the antisemitism badly, a poll suggests as the party faces mounting pressure to adopt the full international definition of antisemitism.

It comes after a former Labour leader in Scotland, Jim Murphy, took out a full-page advert in the Jewish Telegraph to offer an apology to British Jews and accused Jeremy Corbyn’s top team of being “intellectually arrogant, emotionally inept and politically maladroit”.

“Jeremy Corbyn is not doing nearly enough to throw out the antisemites found within grassroots and online Labour,” the former minister claimed.

The survey for The Independent found that just 9 per cent believed Labour had handled allegations of antisemitism within the party’s ranks well, while 60 per cent did not, and 30 per cent said they did not know.
But what's really sad is that the party doesn't sound like they're willing to depose of this truly awful man from their leadership. He alone is such a liability by now, that keeping him as the head honcho would be a PR disaster with Israel and the USA, among others.

If the Labour party really want to prove they're taking accountability, they'll oust Corbyn. If they don't, then they can't be surprised when if, God forbid, he's elected premier of Britain, he'll only cause more trouble that he's worth, both domestically and foreign.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

The ComicBook news site upholds the Muslim Ms. Marvel in all its propaganda

ComicBook posted a puff piece lauding the Muslim Ms. Marvel as the "most important creation of the 21st century", and not any of the indie projects there could be out there with far better ideas and material. It says, for example:
Marvel Comics played an important role in popular culture during the 20th Century. Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, and their cohort of collaborators reinvented the superhero genre as we know it and played into a rising wave of interest among college students and young adults. They created characters who lasted through the end of that era, and spin into television shows and movies. However, no one could have foreseen the cultural juggernaut that it would become after the year 2000. There is no larger franchise in Hollywood today than Marvel Studios, and many of their characters have become even more popular symbols for movements and identification. Marvel Comics continues to have an outsized impact on culture and society through its heroic characters. That’s why it’s no small assertion to state the following: Ms. Marvel is the most important Marvel Comics creation of the 21st Century.

Kamala Khan was created by writer and artist duo G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona
, respectively, along with Marvel editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker. She made her first appearance in 2013 in the pages of Captain Marvel #14 as one of a number of civilians inspired by the titular hero Carol Danvers. Her adventure as Ms. Marvel didn’t begin until the launch of her solo title Ms. Marvel, which recently arrived at its 50th issue. Looking back on the past five years of comics, crossovers, and adaptations, it’s clear that Kamala Khan is an essential part of Marvel Comics now and for the rest of the century to come.
The only reason she's "essential" is because of the political motivations behind the character's creation, and the troubling notion that if a character's developed as a Muslim, it literally makes it mandatory to keep them around in some way or other till the end of time, and not just drop them quietly from the proceedings. It's the same situation over at DC, as they've been forcing the Muslim Green Lantern Simon Baz down everyone's throats, and in his 2012 debut, it was quite offensive, as was Christopher Priest's rendition in Justice League. Of all the reprehensible activities Geoff Johns pulled when he was a leading writer at DC, that was by far the worst from a political perspective. The continued use of the Islamic characters, along with some of the diversity-pandering ones, isn't based on merit of writing, but on the political motivations behind their creation, which has the effect of degrading the characters they came up with.
Ms. Marvel represents a broader trend of invention and innovation at Marvel Comics from the past decade. Following the boom and bust cycle of the 1990s, the publisher had focused on core titles and characters during the early 2000s. Some significant rebranding was done under the Marvel Knights line, with new stories and creators reinventing core characters. However, all of these characters were classic figures, like Daredevil and The Punisher. When Ms. Marvel broke out she was one of a number of new characters targeted at readers beyond the stalwart comic book fans who helped Marvel Comics and the direct market survive the recent collapse.

New heroes, like Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, and Silk, captured young adult readers by building on the legacy of a classic concept, like Spider-Man. They brought the new readers in with adolescent characters who reflected modern America and provided key connections to the core mythos of Marvel Comics, also allowing older readers to enjoy their adventures as they were integrated into events and crossovers. This interest in reinvention crossed over with existing, dormant properties as well. Squirrel Girl provides the best example, having been created in 1991 by Steve Ditko and Will Murray. She was updated for a new group of readers and offered a fun tone of discovery. This wave of growth and creation is symbolically led by Ms. Marvel. She is the character who has seen the most success and who served as a vanguard for many of these introductions and reintroductions to the core line of Marvel Comics. Her presence cannot be overstated as part of the publisher’s willingness to improve itself and update an aging collection of properties.
It doesn't take a genius to guess they consider all that hard work by Lee/Kirby worthless by today's standards. If they really wanted to improve themselves, they'd avoid all the deliberate, heavy-handed leftist politics they shoved into their products, and wouldn't water down the quality of their artwork so badly, or suppress women's sexuality, which is a sexist thing to do in itself. If there's any jarring violence and gore in the current output, that too is another minus.

They predictably ignore that in actuality, the SJW-catering projects were failures, including the Iceman-as-gay book, and the only reason the Muslim Ms. Marvel book has continued thus far despite its abysmal sales numbers of 20,000 or less, is because of the cowardice involving the politics, which C.B. Cebulski seems to think must be given publishing space no matter how much money it loses. And speaking of sales, they provide no figures to back up their claim younger audiences are flocking to buy them out. Man, what a sham they're pulling here.

Also, the part about company wide crossovers should raise eyebrows - why should anybody want to find themselves in a position where they think they'll have to buy tons more books to get the whole story? How does that even serve as innovative?

And "reinvention" under the Marvel Knights label didn't work well either, if we take the Captain America series published under the banner as an example. It turned out to be blame-America propaganda made worse by how it was padded for trades, much like a lot of the other books coming out at the time when Joe Quesada got his foot in the door. Jon Ney Reiber may have said his scripts were tampered with, and in hindsight, I can probably believe that, seeing how much damage Quesada caused when he was the EIC.
One essential element of this new wave of Marvel heroes is the diversity they introduced to the lineup at Marvel Comics. The great creators who invented the foundation of Marvel Comics were primarily white men, many of them from Jewish descent. That was reflected in the heroes from their time, and those heroes went on to inspire entire generations of readers from all backgrounds. Yet the lack of diversity within the line remained apparent, especially as demographic trends in America continued to change the face of society—not to mention that America has always been evenly split between women. Ms. Marvel represents a trend to make the superheroes we love and celebrate a democratic representation of those they protect and serve.

Kamala Khan represents many firsts and shifts within the lineup of superheroes with solo titles. She is a woman; she is a Muslim American; she is of Pakistani descent. She is also a teenager with superpowers balancing school, family, and extracurricular activities. Ms. Marvel is following in the colorful boots of Spider-Man and other iconic teen superheroes, delivering metaphors for big changes in life and relatable stories of early romance and school troubles. It allows the series to tell a very specific story that opens the door to many readers that Marvel Comics had not previously reflected while still engaging with an entire generation. This element of her character is undeniably important to so many new comics fans in the 21st Century.
Yup, as expected, they won't acknowledge how quite a few of these "diverse" characters came at the expense of the white heroes, shoved very noticeably into their established roles instead of being given their own roles and costumes. And what personalities do they even have? From the material I've checked here and there, they don't seem to be given very inspiring writing. Also, what's so "democratic" about a premise emphasizing a totalitarian religion?

She's not even the first character in the MCU with Islam as a background. In the early 80s, in the pages of the Incredible Hulk, Bill Mantlo conceived the Arabian Knight, whose character was even a polygamist with 3 wives (and it goes without saying I found the sight of Abdul Qamar's wives wearing niqabs, while he goes barechested as he acquires the sword that provides him with the power to take up the role, truly disgusting). And Grant Morrison, who may soon be getting an assignment writing Green Lantern, conceived another Muslim character in X-Men named Dust (and I'm not happy to say, but Ethan Van Sciver was the artist).

The claim the directions maintained by the white Jewish founders lacked diversity is also a lie, as black/Asian/mixed-race characters were introduced for superhero roles starting in the late 60s, with Black Panther a prominent example, and becoming more prominent as we moved on to the Bronze Age, with Luke Cage serving as another famous example. Why, let's also consider Monica Rambeau, who became a much better conceived character to take the role of Captain Marvel left behind by Mar-Vell of the Kree when he passed away in 1982. Civilian characters in supporting roles like Robbie Robertson from Spider-Man should also count. The writer of the puffy piece may not think so, but he's insulting the memory of the white Jewish creators like Kirby with his ambiguous, misleading propaganda by claiming diversity was lacking, when it wasn't.
That sort of representation is also part of what is boosting the entire genre of superhero comics today. In the wake of the 1990s it was clear that a collectors market and aging long term fanbase could not support the incredible market gains made, which led to a collapse putting many stores out of business and many people out of jobs. The remaining readership provided a market on which comics could subsist, but never thrive. Ms. Marvel is a true all-ages endeavor. From the very first issue to its fiftieth anniversary this week, every new installment has been a delightful blend of action, drama, and laughs. It is consistently one of the very best superhero comics on the market every year, and capable of sustaining an all ages readership.

Middle school girls and boys find it a great entry point into superhero comics, while fans of classic Spider-Man find an updated version of their favorite teenage superhero tropes. It is written in a way that every level of maturity can find some element appealing. This was what made the earliest inventions of Marvel Comics in the 1960s so appealing. Fantastic Four and Amazing Spider-Man were being taken home by kids in school, college students, and often being secretly read by both of their parents when abandoned in a living room.
Uhh, but the collector's market is still quite prevalent today, if we take the overload of variant covers as an example, and, stores are still going out of business as seen the past year, due to the fact these SJW-pandering tales are marketed on diversity/ultra-leftist politics, not story and art merit. What's more, a book whitewashing a horrific religion cannot be called an all-ages endeavor, and there's no proof all those schoolkids are reading it in droves.
Great superheroes present stories capable of inspiring us all. They display essential values in a mode of high drama, reminding us to treat every person well and fight for one another before ourselves. This is the essence of Ms. Marvel. She is the best representation of the superhero genre in comics today, and undoubtedly the most important creation at Marvel Comics this century.
Sorry, but when you're dishonest about a religion that's violent to women and Jews, among others, that's not inspiring, and doesn't remind us to treat every person well at all. It goes without saying several of Marvel's own writers certainly didn't. I've got a feeling if a character of Armenian descent had been introduced to the MCU, whether as a superhero or a supporting character, they wouldn't even give it a glance for consideration. The only reason they consider the Khan character worthy of notice is for political reasons. And their insistence on embracing Islam is insulting to the very Jewish creators whose works the modern publishers in charge of Marvel/DC have hijacked. They have no business commenting on comics if this is what they consider "entertainment".

Friday, August 03, 2018

Tommy Robinson was disgustingly abused in prison, mainly by the British state

Tommy Robinson may be free on bail now, but when he was imprisoned by the communist/dhimmi authorities in Britain, he was put there under the most abusive/torturous circumstances possible:
Unless Robinson is lying – which I doubt – this is the only logical conclusion to be drawn from the accounts he gave to Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant and Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

How else do you explain the perverse decision to move this outspoken critic of Islam into the Category C prison with the highest proportion of Muslim inmates in Britain?

Why was he put in a ground floor cell, opposite the prison mosque, which enabled the inmates to spit and throw excrement through his window – to the point where his only option was to keep it shut and suffer in the stifling heat?

And why was his food allowed to be prepared and served by Muslim prisoners when the authorities would undoubtedly have known that it would be deliberately contaminated with excrement and heaven knows what else?

[...] If this kind of abuse were handed out to any other kind of prisoner – be he a child-murderer or a terrorist – can you imagine the fuss that would be made by all the civil rights groups, all the activist lawyers, all the left-leaning newspapers, the BBC?
This pretty much sums up what's become of Britain...even under a "conservative" government. There's more on Robinson's ordeal here. At this point, I wouldn't be shocked if Theresa May wouldn't care if Jeremy Corbyn were elected in her stead, and undoubtably make things much worse for the blighty, because her efforts with Brexit, if it matters, have been nothing short of farcical as it is.

Robinson's persecution shows where Britain is going - to hell in a handbasket, and it looks to be truly awful in the end.

Monday, July 23, 2018

France's reputation in law enforcement is at stake again

Ben Cohen at the JNS/Algemeiner says that France's facing a bad reputation over their failure to ensure genuine justice regarding the murder of Sarah Halimi:
But when it comes to actual results, politics is rarely as definitive and inspiring as sports.

Since he took office last year, French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged to combat the antisemitism that, all too often in France, underlies acts of violence against Jews that are bestial in nature.

Other French politicians, such as Macron’s predecessors Nicolas Sarkozy and Franҫois Hollande, as well as former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, have all made similar promises, arguing with genuine conviction that hatred of Jews is a direct threat to France’s republican and democratic traditions. All of them have uttered, and repeatedly, some variation of the sentence that “France without its Jews is not France.” And yet, not only does the violence continue, French Jews can’t be sure of justice even when the perpetrators are caught.
If Sarkozy had been serious, he would never have given an award to Charles Enderlin as he did about a year after being elected, and would never have acted as though Israel was an "occupier". And it makes no difference even if he was pressured into doing it; this only shows that as a country leader, he did not have the guts it took to be one.
Under French law, a murderer who is deemed sufficiently insane can avoid a trial. If the third psychiatric evaluation of Traore that has now been ordered by the investigating magistrate echoes the conclusions of the second, then he will be excused a trial, protected indefinitely by a scientifically dubious assessment of his mental health.

That’s why France’s leaders should expect to undergo the trial of international public scrutiny if this sadistic, antisemitic killer is sent to a psychiatric hospital instead of answering for his crimes. France’s ability to secure elemental justice for its most vulnerable citizens is being tested — and nothing less than the reputation of a nation is at stake.
If the lawmakers are smart, they'll ensure the laws are modified so that mental insanity cannot immediately be used as an excuse in any instance. And previous presidents would do well to apologize for their own failure, and even apologize for making issues out of Israel.

Not only that, they're going to have to punish the police officers who refused to take action when they arrived at the apartment, and make sure law enforcement actually takes action when violent offenders are threatening innocent lives.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

French court reneges on judgement of Sarah Halimi's murderer

The court in charge of the case of the Malian Muslim who murdered Sarah Halimi is once again resorting to the excuse of "mental illness":
An Islamist migrant who police allege savagely murdered a 65-year-old Jewish woman in Paris is considered unfit to stand trial, according to a psychiatric evaluation. [...]

In January this year, Traore was determined to be fit to stand trial. He was placed in a psychiatric hospital for weeks after his arrest despite having no history of mental illness.

But a judge requested a second series of tests, which determined that the Malian immigrant was not able to stand trial, 20 Minutes reported on Wednesday.

“We do not understand the determination and procrastination that consistently seeks to turn this killer into a demented person, when he is a murderer whose presumed detention doesn’t even hide his hateful anti-Semitism,” Francis Kalifat of the Jewish umbrella group CRIF said after the decision was made not to proceed to trial.

The official response to the murder from the government, prosecutors, and the media has caused much anger and hurt amongst Parisian Jews.
I think there's reason to go to demonstrate again, and have the Israeli/USA governments make a firm call for putting the proper judgement back on track again. This shows just how corrupt the judicial system - and the press - in France is, even going out of their way to let rapists off the hook. And they're going to pay for it very heavily sooner or later.

Update: here's more on Israel Hayom:
The new evaluation reinforces the perception among the French Jewish community that authorities are trying to make this case go away. The community is also outraged that it took more than four months before the case was classified as a hate crime and has criticized the little media coverage it received.

[...] Traore has a criminal record and served time in prison over various incidents involving drugs, break-ins and violence. According to Halimi's daughter, he would occasionally call Halimi "a dirty Jew." Eyewitnesses also said that on the night of the murder, first responders did not try to stop him despite being dispatched to scene before he killed her.
Those authorities who refused to take any action are just as guilty as the Islamofascist himself.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

DC just hired the wrong woman to write Wonder Woman

It may be a great idea to have a woman assigned to script Wonder Woman. Mindy Newell once did some work on WW in the last issues of the pre-Crisis volume. But Dan DiDio, again overshadowing EIC Bob Harras, has just made one of the most lugubrious choices for a scribe, G. Willow Wilson, who's as bad a choice for a writer as they come:
Writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Cary Nord are taking over DC Comics' Wonder Woman ongoing with November 14's Wonder Woman #58. Their first storyline, "The Just War," begins with Wonder Woman going to save Steve Trvor after his military unit come up missing in action while inside a war-torn Eastern European country; while investigating, Diana finds Ares.

"When Steve Trevor’s unit goes missing in an Eastern European country torn by revolution, Wonder Woman immediately flies across the globe to help him - only to slam into the brick wall that is Ares, the God of War, who’s taken a strange interest in this conflict," reads DC's description of the arc. "But why is Ares acting so strange? Has he turned over a new leaf? Does Wonder Woman have a chance to redeem him? And just as important...if Ares has returned to Earth, then what happened to the supposedly unbreachable prison built to contain him—Wonder Woman’s homeland, Themyscira?"

DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio descibes Wilson's hiring as "an incredible opportunity" for the publisher, saying DC "couldn't be more excited.

“Keeping our core audience engaged requires having the best storytellers around, and she’s definitely a great addition to our current list of writing talent," DiDio said.
Well I think this says all we need to know about where he stands on her own leftist politics...and religion. She already pushed enough Islamic propaganda into the Muslim Ms. Marvel series, so we can only wonder what she has in store for this tale? I get the feeling it's supposed to be a metaphor for the Bosnia vs. Serbia war, which happens to have been started by Bosnian Muslims themselves. And are we supposed to believe Ares started such a war, not the Religion of Peace itself? Either way, it doesn't take much to figure Wilson's planned story, metaphorical or not, won't be very appealing.

Of all the defeatist steps DC could've taken, this has to be one of the worst. To give Bill Marston's famous Amazon fighter to somebody as awful as Wilson is one of the biggest slaps in the face possible, and just another reason why DiDio's bad news for the company.

Monday, July 09, 2018

What's happened with the Lev Tahor cult?

The Times of Israel reminds us of the Islamic-influenced Haredi cult whose overlord, Shlomo Helbrans, met divine punishment the other year, and now it appears they've all but vanished from the public eye:
It’s been almost a year since Shlomo Helbrans drowned in Mexico, leaving Lev Tahor, the controversial religious sect he founded in Israel in the 1980s, without its charismatic leader.

The flock, which followed Helbrans from Jerusalem’s Beit Yisrael neighborhood to Brooklyn to the snowy suburbs of Montreal before settling in tropical Guatemala, now faces an uncertain future.

Driven by Helbrans’s anti-Zionist beliefs and known for its extreme customs — women and girls are covered head-to-toe by full-length black garments, marriages are arranged and separation by gender is strictly enforced — Lev Tahor has been dogged by legal troubles everywhere it’s gone.

[...] News about Lev Tahor has been scarce in the year since Helbrans’ death. Little is known of how they are weathering subsequent blows, including the rumored death of Helbrans’ daughter, Miriam, of an allergic reaction, two weeks after her father’s passing.
If they're trying to build mango groves, they don't deserve to, in all due honesty, and it's time to shut them down to stop the child abuse they're still very likely to be committing. The cult's been nothing but trouble, worst of all to their own subjects, and should not be allowed to continue functioning anywhere.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Ocasio-Cortez to Be Among the Most Fanatical Israel-Hater Democrats in Congress

Cross-posted from American Power, "Expect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Be Among the Most Fanatical Israel-Bashers in Congress."


This post assumes that Ocasio-Cortez wins her general election contest in November. New York's 14th congressional district is heavily progressive with minority-majority demographics. I haven't seen any serious commentary so far suggesting her Republican opponent, Anthony Pappas, is likely to win. As the New York Post reported, "Pappas’ bid is a long shot. Democrats outnumber Republicans in the district by roughly 6-1, voter registration records show."

Okay, should Ocasio-Cortez take her seat in Congress next year, it's also safe to assume she's be one of the most fervently anti-Israel Democrats in the House.

I haven't seen the major newspapers, such as the New York Times, for example, pick up on this aspect of the Ocasio-Cortez story, but it's a big one. It's not just that the Democrats are openly embracing a Marxist ideological program, but also that virulent anti-Israel ideology has bubbled up into the mainstream. This is of course not new to conservative bloggers and top Twitter personalities, but a focus on Ocasio-Cortez's public comments will put the Democrats' oft-hidden anti-Israel animus in the spotlight.

Here's a roundup of commentary from conservative blogs and pro-Jewish outlets.

First is the big story from the other day, at the Daily Caller, "Socialist Darling Caught Celebrating, Campaigning With Known Anti-Semite and Racist":

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stunned the political world and rank-in-file Democrats by defeating incumbent Joe Crowley in Tuesday’s New York primary. The Ocasio-Cortez win signaled the growing swing leftward for national Democrats, a party undergoing a power struggle and identity crisis after Trump’s election victory in 2016. The platform Ocasio-Cortez ran on was deeply progressive, calling on the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, nationalized health care, universal jobs guarantee and getting America to 100 percent green energy.

However, footage reveals that Ocasio-Cortez also has associates with regressive views.

One of Ocasio-Cortez’s most enthusiastic campaigners and a man who stood behind her at her victory party, Thomas Lopez-Pierre, is a known anti-Semite and racist. Lopez-Pierre has regularly used slurs against Jewish and black New Yorkers in public forums and while running for office himself.

While running for office in 2017, Lopez-Pierre specifically campaigned on “protecting tenants from greedy Jewish landlords.” Lopez-Pierre’s own campaign website shows his rantings agains “Greedy Jewish Landlords.” His campaign website applauds the arrest of “Greedy Jewish Landlords” and says that “Jewish Landlords” are “punishing” black and Hispanic families...

(Ocasio-Perez issued a repudiation of Lopez-Pierre, claiming she has "No idea who this guy is...")

Okay, then, let's go to Joel Pollak, at Breitbart, "Pollak: New Democrat Heroine Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is an Anti-Israel Radical":

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old democratic socialist who became an instant Democratic Party heroine by unseating party caucus chair Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) in Tuesday’s New York primary, is an anti-Israel radical.

Her victory is a further sign of the Democratic Party’s slide toward the extreme left — and toward the anti-Israel left in particular.

During her primary election, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted passionately about an alleged Israeli “massacre” of Palestinian “protesters” at the Gaza border, citing an Al Jazeera article.
Click the link to see anti-Israel tweets from Ocasio Cortez. Pollak continues:
The Jewish radicals of J Street will, no doubt, be thrilled to have another member of Congress who supports Hamas over Israel, and will rush to her defense. But for the few Democrats who still support Israel, her victory is worrying.

Ocasio-Cortez’s anti-Israel views are of a piece with her radical policies in general — such as government health care for all, free college tuition, guaranteed federal jobs, and abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). (At least she is consistent: she does not believe in a border fence with Gaza or a border wall with Mexico.) Her campaign even adopted the zombie-like “mic check” first seen at radical Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011.

Ocasio-Cortez’s anti-Israel views, like her other socialist policies, are ill-informed and would have devastating consequences if enacted. She is not stupid: far from it, the Boston University graduate is whip-smart. But like other far-left millennials, she has mastered the finer details of a fictional universe.

These are positions she will not easily walk back. Her victory has thrilled the Democratic base, but it spells trouble for the party, and for the country.
Now, check out Pamela Geller, "New York's New Socialist Candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tweets: Israel Guilty of 'Massacre' of 'Palestinians'":

And at the Forward, "What It Means For Israel If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Democrats’ Future":

Prominent progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders and activist Linda Sarsour are vying with each other to laud Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who notched a David-and-Goliath upset victory over 10-term Rep. Joe Crowley in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in New York.

Her victory — with 57% of the vote — raises larger questions about the party’s direction, including whether she won despite or because of her stinging comments about Israel on the campaign trail. Could her upset win be another sign that Democratic voters want the party to be more critical of the Jewish state?

“We’re seeing a pattern where the activist core of the Democratic Party is becoming highly critical of Israel almost as a default position,” Brooklyn College history professor KC Johnson, who has written about this shift, told the Forward on Wednesday.

Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign in a fast-changing Queens district was almost solely focused on domestic causes like “Medicare-for-All” and abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Her campaign website doesn’t mention anything about foreign affairs on its issues page.

But she did attract attention in May for calling the Israeli army’s killing of Palestinian protesters in Gaza a “massacre.”

Also at the Times of Israel, "Progressive Democrat who upset NY incumbent accused Israel of ‘massacre’ in Gaza."

And the Jerusalem Post, "WHAT DOES SURPRISE NYC PRIMARY RACE WINNER THINK ABOUT ISRAEL? 'This is a massacre', Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter of the IDF's killing of Palestinians at the Gaza border in May. 'Democrats can’t be silent about this anymore'."

And at Algemeiner, "Democratic Socialist Who Upset NY Rep. Joe Crowley Said Israel Committed a ‘Massacre’ in Gaza":

As noted, this radical anti-Israel sentiment isn't new. Back in 2012 I wrote about Democrat Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, who's now the frontrunner to replace retiring Republican Senator Jeff Flake in the upper chamber.

See my entry from six years ago. The more thing change, the more they stay the same: "Kyrsten Sinema, Bisexual Israel-Hating Antiwar Radical, is Face of Today's Democrat Party."

More later..

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Erdogan's imminent reelection will only further a serious problem for the sane world

A Fox News contributor accurately notes the likelihood Recep Erdogan, Turkey's dictator, will continue in the role for at least another decade:
Some voters have the hope of an opposition victory as the result of Erdogan’s lackluster campaign and a spiraling currency crisis. It’s more realistic, however, to start thinking about the problem that his victory is bound to cause for the rest of the world, and especially for the U.S.

Pollsters recalculating the probability of a victorious or defeated Erdogan forget one important feature of Turkey’s so-called democracy: it isn’t one. Erdogan has already stacked the cards for his own success in this election.

After the fixed outcome arrives, Erdogan will lead a Turkey that is more militarily interventionist throughout the broader Middle East and more willing to cooperate with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the cost of the U.S. interests, and those of NATO and the European Union.
It'll come at Israel's expense too, as I'm sure many realize. Already, in fact, as this article tells, it looks like Erdogan's already ensured his fixed victory too:
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took a commanding lead in his bid Sunday for a presidency with broadly expanded powers, with partial results reported by the country’s state-run news agency showing him with more than 50 percent of the vote — enough to avoid a runoff.

The high-stakes presidential contest and a parliamentary election also held Sunday were set to either consolidate Erdogan’s grip on power or curtail his vast political ambitions. The vote will complete Turkey’s transition from a parliamentary to a new executive presidential system, a move approved in a referendum last year.
Presidential, you say? More like dictatorial. The results are no shock at all, and only inform us Erdogan's going to be a despot for much longer time. For which reason, it's high time sanctions were imposed upon Turkey, until his regime can be stopped.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Leftist traitor Gonen Segev arrested for spying on Israel for Iran

Gonen Segev, who accepted bribes to join Yitzhak Rabin's Labor government in 1993 and was partly responsible for enabling the Oslo accords, has been arrested on charges of espionage for the country that's currently proving the worst nuclear threat in the Islamic world:
Former government minister Gonen Segev has been charged with spying for Iran, Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency announced on Monday.

The former energy and infrastructure minister – who also spent time in jail for drug smuggling, forgery and fraud – was arrested on suspicion of assisting the enemy in a time of war, spying against the State of Israel, and providing intelligence to the enemy.

An indictment was filed in the Jerusalem District Prosecutor’s Office on June 15 and approved by the attorney-general and the state attorney.

Segev is suspected of providing his Iranian handlers with intelligence related to Israel’s energy industry, security sites, buildings and officials in Israeli political and security bodies, and more.

According to the Shin Bet, Segev arrived for a visit in May to Equatorial Guinea, where he was refused entry to the country due to his criminal past.

Security authorities had gathered intelligence indicating that Segev was maintaining contacts with Iranian intelligence and assisting them in their activities against the State of Israel. The Israel Police subsequently requested his extradition to Israel, where he was immediately arrested upon his arrival for questioning by the Shin Bet.

The investigation by the Shin Bet and the Israel Police found that Segev was recruited and acted as an agent on behalf of Iranian intelligence. In 2012, Segev first met with elements of the Iranian Embassy in Nigeria, knowing they were from Iranian intelligence, and later traveled twice to Iran to meet with his handlers.

The investigation also found that Segev, who received a secret communications system to encrypt messages between him and his Iranian handlers, met with his handlers around the world, in hotels and apartments used for clandestine Iranian activity.

In order to meet the tasks he received from his handlers, Segev maintained ties with Israeli citizens who are related to Israel’s security and foreign relations. According to the Shin Bet, Segev tried to connect some of the Israeli citizens to Iranian intelligence, all the while trying to fool them and present the Iranian as innocent businessmen.
It's horrific, alright, and not even the first time he was charged with serious felonies. As the following states:
Segev was born in Israel in 1956 and served as a military pilot in the Israeli Air Force in the 1970s, reaching the rank of captain. Following his service, he studied medicine at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and became a medical doctor.

He was elected to the Knesset in 1992 as part of the now-defunct, hawkish opposition Tzomet Party and was lured to join Yitzhak Rabin’s government as energy minister in 1994 before he quit politics.

He was arrested and convicted for drug smuggling and credit card fraud in 2005 after attempting to smuggle 32,000 ecstasy (MDMA) tablets from the Netherlands into Israel. He was released in 2007 after serving two years of a five-year sentence. Segev, who said he thought the tablets were M&Ms, moved to Nigeria where he practiced medicine after his license was revoked in Israel.
It's regrettable he didn't serve enough time. One of the reasons he left politics was because his betrayal of the Tzomet party and public by supporting the Oslo accords only ensured nobody wanted to vote for the splinter party he formed with 2 other traitors. That he'd turn to serious crimes later on only proves he never learned any lessons, and probably felt vindictive for being rejected for his prior offenses. Now, it's to be hoped he'll face more convincing justice for aiding the enemy and the Religion of Peace, and endangering the country ever further. He should practically be locked away with the very adherents of Islam he was collaborating with. A most truly repellent man Segev is indeed. If there was an archive established for research on evil people, he could make a great candidate for inclusion in it.


Obama transformed the democrat party:

The democrat party has shifted way to the left and is now a full fledged european socialist party; to an open borders stance to stay acceptable, but she didn't always feel that was necessary Hillary had to shift:

Tucker Carlson Tonight

Hillary to WABC in 2003: 

"I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants. Certainly we’ve got to do more at our borders. And people have to stop employing illegal immigrants. Come up to Westchester, go to Suffolk and Nassau counties, stand in the street corners in Brooklyn or the Bronx – you’re going to see loads of people waiting to get picked up to go do yard work and construction work and domestic work."

VIDEO (of audio) 

The party would have nominated Bernie Sanders if Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz hadn't cheated and if the party had no super-delegates....

Other centrist dems have also shifted left: Booker, Gillibrand, Schumer, and so on.
It started when they nominated Ned Lamont instead of renominating Joe Lieberman.
And the pace has accelerated....

It is the party of Henry Wallace and Bernie Sanders, not the arty of JFK and Truman....

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Gaza Muslims manufacture 5000 kite bombs

The arson-style attacks perpetrated by the Islamofascists in Gaza with kites have become horrific, and lately, as many as 5000 were prepared for terrorizing the Jewish neighborhoods in the area (via Pamela Geller):
The IDF struck a target in the southern Gaza Strip on Thursday, two hours after it fired warning shots in the same area toward Palestinians who were preparing airborne incendiary devices near the Bureij refugee camp.

“The IDF struck an infrastructure near the area where a squad had previously been preparing Molotov cocktails in the southern Gaza Strip,” the IDF said. “The IDF considers the use of incendiary kites and balloons to be severe, and will act to prevent their use.”

The announcement came shortly after Palestinians reported that a drone launched a missile at people near the border fence who were flying balloons with Molotov cocktails attached, and unconfirmed reports by Israeli media that Palestinians planned to launch 5,000 incendiary balloons and kites toward Israel from the Hamas-run Strip to mark Eid al-Fitr on Thursday night.

Gazans have been protesting along the border with Israel since March 30 as part of what organizers have called the “Great March of Return.” Demonstrators have been throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and rocks toward Israeli troops and flying incendiary kites and balloons into Israeli territory, destroying more than 900 hectares (2,200 acres) of forest, nature reserves and agricultural fields.

On Thursday, several fires broke out near Kibbutz Be’eri and in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council from incendiary kites flown from Gaza. Firefighting teams fought to put out the blazes.

Speaking at a conference at Bar-Ilan University on Thursday, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that while Israel has managed to intercept more than two-thirds of the kites that have been launched toward Israeli territory, “It is impossible to hermetically seal the sky.”

“But we are looking for solutions and I am sure we will find a solution,” he said, adding that “the trick is to strengthen deterrence and prevent the launch itself.”
The only solution is to re-raid and take control of Gaza again, if they don't want any worse horrors to occur. It's going to have to be done, sooner or later.