Friday, June 02, 2023

Coming from an Islamic immigrant, this comes off as a most peculiar complaint/lamentation

Last year, Abigail Shrier wrote about American families sending their children to foreign language immersion courses, because they're so disillusioned with whatever passes for "American culture" these days, and find it so bad an influence, they'd rather take measures they believe could shield their children from said influences, which are conveyed foremost via the English language. It's an interesting subject, but along the way, she highlights what a psychology expert told about a conference he gave in a certain location in Michigan:
At the end of a talk Dr. Sax gave at an Islamic center in Detroit years ago, a Syrian-born father approached him. The man and his wife had come to the United States twenty years earlier and had four children. “They normally speak Arabic at home, but they told me that when their teenage son wants to be defiant and disrespectful, he switches to English,” Dr. Sax said. “And Dad told me that his son’s whole body language changes. His eyes narrow, he gets a smirk on his face.”
Now this is most peculiar - and decidedly rich - coming from an apparent follower of the Religion of Peace, which seeks to impose perversions of its own upon western "infidels". Of course culture in the USA, as told there, has tragically been corrupted, but ironically, depending what's involved, it's not something a religion built upon jihadism, antisemitism, racism and misogyny would truly have an issue with. Especially if the kids continue to adhere to Islam even after becoming defiant of the parents. If modern entertainment products in the USA build on horrific ingredients like normalizing violence and playing it for cheap sensationalism, it'd only be seen as something Islamofascists would consider a perfect extension for their twisted beliefs.

Obviously, there are Muslim parents who have problems with children growing up disrespectful to them for all the wrong reasons, but it's still no excuse for raising them under a horrific ideology that's just as destructive as LGBT ideology's turning out to be in the past decade, and has led to terrible instances of honor murders against daughters over Thoughtcrimes. Indeed, how is that any different from the misogyny that's now resulted in girls mutilating themselves for the sake of transsexual ideology?

So maybe the real query here is why the aforementioned doctor was giving lectures at a Muslim institution. It makes this a very absurd situation where the guy risks glossing over one bad ideology while talking about another. If you think that's weird and naive, it sadly is.

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