Monday, February 25, 2019

Naftali Bennett is a disgrace, and appears to be working with Gantz and Lapid against Netanyahu

I was often suspicious of whether the politician who now heads "The New Right" was really a responsible man. Now, he's attacking the Likud and Netanyahu after all the hard work they did to provide Israel with better status:
Officials in the Likud party reacted angrily to New Right party chairman Naftali Bennett's statements on the Trump Administration's upcoming peace plan Monday.

Bennett said that "the day after the elections, the Americans will push the Netanyahu-Lapid-Ganz government to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state on Route 6 and the division of Jerusalem, and Netanyahu will have to sell it [to Israel]."
I can't believe this. Here, Netanyahu sought to have Jerusalem's legitimacy recognized through moving the US and other embassies there, which also helps to keep it united, Trump closed the PLO's offices in Washington, and this is how Bennett thanks them? Of course, let's remember that this was the same fishy man whose party tried to damage Israel HaYom about 5 years ago, and later lost seats in the Knesset at least partly as a result. To think there were times when I tried to be favorable to Bennett, and now, I can only say he's demonstrated he wasn't worth the effort. Especially if he's pulling this angering tactic for the sake of Gantz and Lapid:
"When Bennett and Shaked founded the New Right, hey said they did so in order to attract votes from Lapid and Gantz in order to enlarge the right-wing bloc and that they would not [criticize the right]. Now they are making false accusations against the Likud in order to attract votes from the Likud. This will lead to a government led by Gantz and Lapid, whose party will be larger than the Likud," the Likud party said in response.

"While representatives of the New Right held talks with Lapid-Ganz to join them after the elections, Prime Minister Netanyahu made it clear unequivocally that he would form a right-wing government. Netanyahu guarded the land of Israel and the State of Israel against the hostile Obama Administration, and he will continue to do so with the sympathetic Trump Administration."
Very fascinating. So Bennett - and Shaked - are making shady deals with Gantz-Lapid to work with them? This is stupefying.

And after reading this news, I'm starting to wonder if Caroline Glick realizes she's in with questionable company that could make her look ridiculous if she doesn't protest. I think she'll have to either demand they cut this out and apologize, or she'll withdraw from their list. Bennett should be ashamed of himself for the way he's acting at a time when unity is needed, and so too should Shaked.

Update: Netanyahu's been trying to reach a truce with Bennett, however, I'm not sure the latter's learned his lesson yet.

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