Thursday, February 28, 2019

Did Benny Gantz really do something so disgusting when he was 17-18 years old?

An alarming report's come up, with Yediot Achronot the first one to publish it in print, that Benny Gantz sexually harassed a girl at a boarding school in the Sharon district when she was 14, and he was 3-4 years older, in the mid-70s:
Nava Jacobs, who left Israel in 1982, first made her claims against Gantz in December, saying the alleged harassment took place while the two were attending HaKfar HaYarok youth village and boarding school in Ramat HaSharon, around 1976.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Jacobs repeated her allegations. "I was a teen in the midst of adolescence, a young girl at HaKfar HaYarok," she wrote about the incident. "I was innocent, and I still didn't understand the things that were going on at the youth village, and certainly not what the things that were happening between boys and girls."

"It happened one day at the cowshed, where I most loved to be, among the animals," she wrote. "Benny Gantz burst inside, coming toward me, and he had a very scary look in his eyes. He was a big man, among the oldest at the village. He came close to me with a terrifying look, opened his pants, and exposed his penis in a way that made me feel I was in danger."

She went on to write that "I froze, and even if I wanted to escaped, he blocked the way. He stood there and laughed and had a terrifying look on his face, like a predator. I was lucky his friend showed up and pulled him away from me."

"I stayed at the cowshed stunned, crying and humiliated," Jacobs wrote. "For many years later, I remembered the scary eyes, which put terror into me as he looked at me. He ruined my life. This was my first encounter with sexuality, and he acted like a pervert."
Could this have happened? From a psychological perspective, let's ponder that a lot of victims of even harassment itself can feel scared and ashamed to tell about it for years after, as even some of Bill Cosby's victims were. So who knows, did he humiliate the woman at the time?

Some of the press are now trying to take Gantz's side in a very non-altruistic way. But Haaretz said:
[...] Jacobs said a male friend of Gantz had told her that Gantz had also exposed himself to the friend’s sister, who was 7 years old at the time.
And the Jerusalem Post said:
Judith Yehezkely, a former reporter for Israel Radio and Yediot Aharonot and a good friend of Jacobs, told the Post that Jacobs called her and told her the story about Gantz before posting on Facebook. Yehezkely said she cautioned Jacobs that there would be backlash, but said that her friend decided to go forward anyway.

She described Jacobs as “trustworthy” and “believable,” and a person dealing with a “very difficult situation. She is a good friend of mine,” Yehezkely said, “and she can be trusted.”
So who knows? Could this be true? If so, it also reminds me of another army official turned politician, Yizhak Mordechai, who worked to undermine Israel in the late 90s and was later accused of sexual abuse. It also reminds me of disgraced actor Stephen Collins, who was discovered to have committed at least 3 felonious acts, including one similar to what Gantz is accused of, and this came to light a few weeks before Cosby was exposed for his offenses. You have to wonder, how many perverts have been bred in leftist society? And how many more will be discovered post-Weinstein?

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