Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Finally, justice was served in the case of the Haredi moonbat who thought disagreement over homosexual practice literally permits murder, and violation of the Ten Commandments:
Yishai Schlissel, the man recently convicted of the murder of 16-year-old Shira Banki and six more counts of attempted murder, all perpetrated at the Pride Parade in Jerusalem on August 2015, has been sentenced to life in prison and 31 more years.

In addition to the prison sentence, he has been ordered to pay monetary compensation to the tune of NIS 258,000, the maximum amount, to the Banki family and each of the other victims, for a total of NIS 2,064,000.

In the sentence, the judges wrote the following: "We have before us, then, a man who does not see those around him as people. A cruel man. A dangerous and heartless man. A man for whom the Judaism of pleasant ways, the Judaism of peace, the Judaism that teaches that people--all people--are created in the image of God, is completely foreign. A man who sees himself as giver and taker of life according to principles he has appointed himself to enforce. This dangerous man can no longer be allowed to roam the streets of Jerusalem or anywhere else."

It should be noted that the prosecution had requested a sentence of life in prison plus 60 years for the Schlissel's crimes.
While he fully deserves to rot in prison for his repellent crime of murdering a defenseless teenage girl, what has to be the most stupefying part of this whole case is that he apparently wanted to trash his future in the worst way possible and live the remainder of his life in prison. Is that sane? Of course not. As noted here:
Schlissel will almost certainly not appeal his sentence as he has made very clear throughout the process that he doesn't recognize the court's right to judge him, and even refused to cooperate with his attorneys.
It wouldn't be one bit shocking if he also wanted to damage the ability to dissent on legitimate terms with the practice of homosexuality, and take away attention from Islamofascism's own danger to homosexuals and lesbians. Seriously, that's what I think some of these mental cases want to do.

And here's a reminder of how he was able to commit his crime:
Schlissel was on a list of six potential violent attackers about which police were notified before the parade. Still, no steps were taken to monitor him, leaving him free to embark on a killing spree.
Why do I get the feeling even the police with their own share of leftists had no problem about something awful happening?

Even Schlissel's own community has to shoulder blame, of course, if they welcomed him back to their neighborhood with no reservations after he was released from prison, all without supervision and probationary measures. If he were to be released again today, I've got a sick feeling they'd still be okay with having him around even after the brutal murder he committed that desecrated the religion he falsely claims to follow. It's clear they made no attempt on their own part to stop him, so even if they're distancing themselves from him now, it makes little difference. They'd probably still have no concern about his returning to their neighborhood after the horror he perpetrated.

Schlissel fully deserves to rot in prison for murdering Shira Banki. But lessons still remain to be learned in many places.

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