Saturday, November 07, 2015

The IAF bombings of al-Kibar and Osirak tell us a lot about what is going to happen to Iran's nuclear assets

Israel demolished Iraq's nuclear reactor. The world publicly attacked Israel and privately thanked Israel.

It did not lead to WW3.

Israel demolished Syria's nuclear reactor. The world attacked Israel publicly and privately thanked Israel.

It did not lead to WW3.

Iran has an even bigger nuclear program with more assets spread out over a wider area and dug into seemingly impregnable depths.

And, Israel cannot let them get nuclear bombs; therefore, we should expect Israel to demolish as much of Iran's vast nuclear program as they can, and also as much of Iran's retaliatory capability as possible.

It is a matter of when, not if or how.

I expect this before the next inauguration if a democrat wins, and maybe not for another year more if a republican wins - in which case it might be a joint IAF, USAF, Saudi and Jordanian mission.

None of this was inevitable. Had Obama actually done as he promised in 2008 and 2012, then Iran's nuclear program would be unable to build a bomb because Obama ran on a promise not to allow Iran enrichment, heavy water, or uninspectable military sites. Obama broke his word on these red-lines, (as he did on the Syrian red-line, Obamacare, gay marriage and so much else).

Nothing defines Obama more than his deceitfulness - except maybe how consistently his foreign policy has hurt the security of the USA and our allies, starting with the Russian Reset which screwed our eastern European allies and NATO.

Hillary promises to be as bad or worse. That's why the IAF will act before her cabinet is in place and while Obama's comrades are jumping ship - in other words, within the first 3 weeks of January, 2017.

If Cruz wins, then I expect an attack might not come for another year.

Stay tuned...

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