Saturday, November 07, 2015


The writer who used to work for the New Republic justifies jihadism:
Liberal American-Jewish commentator Peter Beinart gave a provocative speech on Wednesday, in which he said Israel essentially deserved the wave of Arab terrorism targeting its citizens.

Beinart - who despite his regular attacks on the Jewish state insists he is "pro-Israel" - was speaking at "Beth Chayim Chadashim Progressive synagogue in Los Angeles, which was set up as a "gay-friendly" congregation.

His comments were recorded approvingly by the anti-Israel Mondoweiss website.

[...] One of the examples of "Palestinian nonviolence" he gave was the weekly riots in the village of Bil'in, which involves rock-throwing and attempts by villagers, bolstered by foreign and Israeli anarchists, to attack nearby Jewish communities.

Amazingly, Beinart also used the same logic to essentially provide some justification for the 9/11 attacks on the US.

"The September 11th attacks were a monstrous, demented response to American foreign policy, a foreign policy of support for Arab dictatorships and Israeli policies which produced tremendous suffering in the Arab world. And today’s Palestinian terrorism is a monstrous, demented response to Israel’s denial of basic Palestinian rights.

"That’s not a popular thing to say in Israel right now, but within a people as within a family, you don’t build real solidarity by telling people things they want to hear at the expense of what you believe is true," he said.
Beinart is one truly disgusting excuse for a human being. "Government policy" is not a defense for crime waves. The perpetrators should know better. Yet it's Beinart and his ilk who definitely don't.

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