Sunday, February 22, 2015


The left have argued for years that poverty and the remnants of colonialism are what cause otherwise peaceful, sweet, tolerant, progressive Muslims to become jihadists who behead people or burn them alive with seemingly pious glee.

"if they had jobs, then they wouldn't become jihadists", the people on the left tell us.

It's a load of crap.

Binladen and Zawahiri and Atta (who led the 9/11 attacks) were all educated and well-to-do.

A jihadist is as likely to be rich as he is poor, educated as ignorant.

But they are all devout muslims emulating their prophet.

The search for a hidden reason these people chose jihadism is driven by puzzlement: It's simply strange to most people who live in the affluent, tolerant, post-enlightenment west that, given the choice of becoming educated, enlightened and affluent that anyone would choose a discredited ideology which has, for 1400 years, promulgated poverty, ignorance, misogyny, terror and war and general mayhem wherever it went.

So - to explain it away - leftists blame their favorite bogeymen: Imperialism; colonialism - which in  their minds includes Israel; and Western racism which  - in leftist ideology - created Third World poverty and the resulting widespread feelings of resentment of Third Worlders.

Again: this is just total crap. We might as well as why educated, affluent people in the west become leftists! After all, leftism gave us Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol pot - even Saddam and Assad were Baathists and Baathism is socialist and therefore leftist. The fact is that leftism killed more people in the 20th century than any other Western ideology did in the preceding 20 centuries. Only Islam has killed more people, and islam is non-western and they had 14 centuries!

Despite the genocidal nature of leftism, and the fact that they have always failed to deliver the goods and have always made economies poorer many so-called intellectuals - many of whom were well-to-do - chose and continue to choose leftism.

Kim Philby, Bill Ayers, Ernesto Guevara, Alger Hiss, even Francois Hollande and Barack Hussein Obama Junior were all educated and relatively wealthy folks who chose to fight for an ideology which has committed genocide and impoverished and virtually enslaved hundreds of millions of people.

Why did they do this? Is it for the same reason other have chosen jihadism?

I think it is. I think these people are egomaniacal utopianists who think they can bring about a better world for everyone - "whether you like it or not" - and are so sure of it that they are willing to lie, cheat, murder, use terror and even commit treason and genocide.

When Obama lied 30 times and told us over and over that "if we liked our healthcare, then we could keep our healthcare - period ... " he was willing to lie because he was convinced his leftist program was for our own good - democracy and truth be damned.

It is this sense of superiority, elitism and the utopianist urge that drives some people to become leftists and others to become jihadists.

Libertarians and conservatives on the other hand believe that humans and society are imperfectable; therefore libertarians and conservatives endeavor to create, not a perfect place, but a "more perfect" one - meaning one that allows individuals and families as much freedom to make their own lives what they want them to be; one that allows us each to pursue happiness in our own way. This is why libertarian and conservatives are so adamant about defending the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution: because they specifically limit federal power and generally limit all governmental power while asserting the inviolability of the individual - not because we are each perfect, but because we are each unique and imperfect in our own way. And this is why our families, and communities and states and nations are also imperfect. We merely have to respect each other's innate rights and do our best to get along to thrive in a society of greatest liberty and bounty - after all, prosperity is a by-product of liberty.

What keeps this from becoming a reality are the utopianist bullies of the left and of jihadism.

That's why we must defeat both.

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