Monday, February 23, 2015


It's clear the awful Livni is an embarrassment, so "Zionist Union" has downplayed/hidden her presence in their campaign:
Is the Zionist Union no longer "Winning Together"?

The Labor-Hatnuah joint list has adopted a new strategy, hiding its No. 2, Tzipi Livni. The Zionist Union's slogan of "Winning Together" -- a reference to the partnership between Livni and leader Isaac Herzog -- has been changed to "Herzog -- A Reasonable and Responsible Leader."

The change was initiated by Reuven Adler, recently hired by the Zionist Union to serve as its chief strategist. The Zionist Union is publicly trying to downplay the change, but the message to campaign operatives has been clear -- emphasize Herzog as the Zionist Union's prime ministerial candidate and don't mention the Herzog-Livni rotation agreement.
If that's how they intend to run their campaign, why don't they leave Herzog out of it too? He just implied Iran's not the threat it happens to be:
Meanwhile, Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog told the Washington Post in article published on Saturday that he trusted Obama on Iran, and that the Islamic republic's nuclearization was "a big threat," but not an existential one.

"I trust Obama to get a good deal," Herzog told the newspaper. "I agree that a nuclear Iran is extremely dangerous, and I believe that it must be prevented. No Israeli leader will accept a nuclear Iran. All options for me are still on the table [including a military strike]."

However, Herzog made it clear that confronting Obama or Kerry were not options he intended to pursue, saying, "I would rather hold face-to-face talks and renew the trust that is necessary between the United States and Israel."

Asked if Iran was an existential threat, he responded: "It is a big threat. That’s enough." In a second question-answer piece published by the Washington Post, Herzog did not directly restate these opinions.

Likud officials were quick to attack Herzog's oppositional stance.

"While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working night and day to explain the significance of the existential threat Iran poses to the State of Israel, [Herzog] is operating without security experience and out of cynical and political considerations, which harms Israel's efforts to stop the Iranian threat," a Likud statement said.
Herzog has just proven why, if he's elected, he'll only prove a fiasco for this country. He is truly awful.

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