Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The traitor Snowden is making news all over the place today as he released a Christmas message:
 Hadas Gold / Politico:
Edward Snowden's Christmas message  —  ‘Together we can find a better balance.  End mass surveillance,’ said Snowden.  AP Photo  —  Close  —  NSA leaker Edward Snowden is offering an “alternative” Christmas Message, saying a child born today will “never know what it means to have a private moment.”
Well, here's my Christmas message for Mr. Snowden - it's more like a few simple questions:
1 - Why did you steal at least 1,500,000 files if only a few hundred or  few thousand would have shown NSA overreach? 
2 - Why did you go to Greenwald and The Guardian - each well-known for their leftist and anti-American and anti-defense establishment attitudes? 
3 - Why didn't you release them to CNN and the NYTIMES or Jonathan Turley and even the Congressional committees which have oversight over the NSA? 
4 - If you are really a libertarian, then why did you run away from the USA and go to China and Russia with the hope of eventually going to Cuba as none of these three are nations which have respect for liberty? 
5 - Is it mere coincidence that these three are major enemies of the USA and each has major spying operations against the USA and each could benefit immensely from getting secret information about the USA's intel' gathering apparatus? 
6 - Why did the CIA flag you as a a suspected security risk in 2009, were you already spying in 2009 for Russia, China and/or Cuba? Since this is before you worked at the NSA and before you could have been aware of the extent of NSA collection methods, were you flagged as risk because you were inappropriately probing for CIA intel' to give Russia and China and/or Cuba? 
7 - Why did you begin spying for Russia, China and/or Cuba - was it for money or are you a committed socialist bent of hurting the USA??
Answers from Mr. Snowden - or any of his supporters here or in Russia, China and Cuba would be appreciated.


Oldrightie said...

A rather obvious and poor establishment response.

Reliapundit said...

1 - fuck you oldrightie. you merely post a kneejerk idiot response without answering one quuestuion.

i'll give you honorary leftie status for that.

2 - merry christmas you dupe of the left.

Reliapundit said...

repeat to oldrightie;

your comment was not an answer; it was an attack.

typical of idiots who do not have the truth on their side.

Oldrightie said...

Speaking of idiots, truth is not a commodity. Unlike expletives, two a penny for fools.

Reliapundit said...


listen up you dumb muthafuckinpiece of idiotarian shit:

you insulted me in your first comment.

when stuypidass schmucks like you bring a gun to a fight , i bring nukes.

also: you ahve still NOT answered one fucking question i posed - yet you still maintain your belief that snowden is a hero.

this is no different than the stupid pieces of shit who feel co2 is toxic and causing catastrophic global climate change.

snowden took millions of files when a few dozen would have proven his case.

he went to china and russia and intended to go to cuba.

his leaks harmed us and our allies, but did no harm to our enemies.

our enemies benefited.

the case could not be more simple.

so why do stupid moronic shits like you persist in believing he is a libertarian demi-god?

because you stupid pieces of shit have your UNSHAKABLE beliefs and won't let facts get in the way.

wise up or fuck off you stupid muthafuckin piece of moronic shit.

and i won't charge one fucking cent for the expletives you moron.