Sunday, November 04, 2012

Does Bronco Bama Hate White People?

Remember how George Bush was accused of hating Black People, because he didn't personally dig everyone out of New Orleans?

Look, I know that most people laughed at poor, addled Kanye West when he made that claim. But, in a very insidious way, the meme he birthed made it's way into the public consciousness and became a part of the Leftist litany against George Bush.

Now, 78% of people in Staten Island are white, and let's face it, they are the lost people of Hurricane Sandy.

Staten Island: Not Gone, But Forgotten
Staten Island is a small community. In size, we're number four of all the boroughs of New York City, behind only Manhattan, and we're number five in population. We're a borough that's largely blue collar: many police men and women, FDNY and city and sanitation workers call the island home. It's often noted that we're largely registered Republicans. 
News of the extent of the devastation was extremely slow to hit the news, but it was loud and clear on social networks and online forums where personal tales fell from one ear to another like dominos. South Beach, Midland Beach and Tottenville, all east shore coastal areas exposed to Raritan Bay, leading out to the Atlantic Ocean, were ravaged by Sandy. To an island that often sits in the shadow of its brethren boroughs, there was this chilling thought: If we don't fix this ourselves, no one will come for us.
So, my question is, if George Bush didn't "care about black people" because of what happened in New Orleans, is it also true that Bronco Bama doesn't care about white people?

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