Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The Santorumaniacs - like the Newtnuts and the Cain's 999nuts - are fond of repeating the idiotic notion that GOP moderates always lose in presidential elections.

They repeat AD NAUSEUM that Ford and GHW Bush and Dole And McCain all lost because they were moderates - a if to say that conservatives would have won.


Let's look at the record:

Ford lost because of two statements: his NY DROP DEAD statement and his WARSAW PACT IS FREE statement. ALSO: the challenge by Reagan hurt him.

GHW Bush lost because of Perot - as did Dole; Clinton never got a majority of Americans to vote for him. GHW Bush and Dole were most decidedly the most conservative candidates in their respective races. ALSO: GHW Bush was weakened by a challenge by Buchanan. And Buchanan's CULTURE WAR CONVENTION SPEECH (which is similar to Santorum's typical patter) was a disaster for Bush: 
Liberal political opponents of the Republicans characterized the convention as "the Hate-fest in Houston", epitomized by Pat Buchanan's opening night "culture war" speech. They considered the speech to be racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and generally intolerant. Liberal humorist Molly Ivins quipped that the speech "probably sounded better in the original German."[6] 
McCain lost because the nation was in a recession and he was from the party in power. ALSO: he was outspent 8-1.

IF... if the Santorumaniacs and the Newtnuts and the Cain 999nuts want to argue that having a more moderate GOP standard-bearer suppresses the GOP turnout and this is why they lost, then I suggest they take a good long hard look in the mirror and decide if they want to take the blame for Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

If they think Ford and GHW Bush and Dole and McCain might have been even just a little bit better than their LEFTIST opponents, then they ought to accept the fact that staying home and pouting and whining that "there's no difference so I ain't gonna vote" is a colossal mistake.

Every GOP candidate is better than Obama. There is NO EXCUSE for staying home, and any nut who says "MITTENS AND OBAMA ARE THE SAME, AND IF HE'S NOMINATED I'LL STAY HOME OR VOTE THIRD PARTY" is essentially voting for Obama.

I think that Santorum has no chance at winning because he won't get the women voters or the independent voters we need to defeat Obama. If he's nominated I will hold my nose and vote for him - as I did with McCain, but I fear it will be in a losing battle.

That's why I argue that a vote for Santorum now is a vote for Obama in the fall.

And Coulter, Ace, Hinderaker, and many others agree.

The only way we can lose is if we forget that IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID, and fail to nominate the one candidate in the field (as of now) who has credibility and experience SUCCESSFULLY dealing with these economic and fiscal issues.

That's DC OUTSIDER Mitt Romney.

Romney-Jindal or Romney-Ryan can defeat Obama - and help hold the House while taking the Senate.

That's all I want.

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