Friday, January 09, 2009

Islamophobia DOES NOT EXIST; Muslim Anti-Semitism is Rampant

Dr. Andrew Bostom has an excellent essay at American Thinker today.

He cogently describes the notion of Islamophobia as a "cynically contrived phenomenon" which is actually absent from Europe today. On the other hand, Muslim anti-Semites violently attack Jews and Jewish institutions across all of Western Europe. He quotes Raphael Israeli:
French Jews, British Jews, or Belgian Jews are all citizens of the countries in which they live, and cannot influence the policies of the Israeli government even if they wished to do so. To attack them is undeniably an expression of the innate Antisemitism in Islamic thinking. The equivalent in Jewish attitudes would be for Jews to attack their Muslim fellow-citizens in European countries every time an Arab or a Muslim country defames, vilifies, or demonizes (or indeed physically attacks) Jews in the media, school curricula, or subjects them to economic boycotts individually or collectively, all of which happen on a sustained daily basis. But that would be a case of Islamophobia, and the face that it does not happen often proves firstly that Islamophobia, at least on the part of the Jews, is a figment of the Muslims' imagination (bandied about precisely to combat the very motion of their pervasive Antisemitism); and secondly that the Jews, at least in the Diaspora, can distinguish between right and wrong, and have never lost their sense of justice and civilized behavior despite the relentless provocations of Muslims, not only radicals, against them.
Jihadists are engaged in a world war to establish an Islamic caliphate that will dominate every country on earth. Part of that world war is a worldwide assault on Jewish people, the Jewish nation, and the Jewish tradition. The violent anti-Jewish attacks in London, Toulouse, Antwerp, Odense, and Oslo are essentially no different than the rocket attacks on Sderot, Ashkelon, and Ashdod. They are part of the same campaign, the same war being waged by Muslim terrorists on different fronts.

And in their assault on the Jewish tradition, the Islamists are joined by Western leftists in their Gramscian attacks on the Judeo-Christian institutions and traditions that permited the West to develop a free civil society.

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Reliapundit said...

are essentially no different than the rocket attacks on Sderot, Ashkelon, and Ashdod -

mumbai, thailand, philippines, cairo, turkey, iraq, afghanistan, london, madrid, bali..l.