Saturday, September 20, 2008


The left is looking for ways to appeal to you and get you to vote for the Democratic Party:
Fans of Christian music, listeners to Christian radio, watchers of Christian TV -- you're very attractive, did you know that?

After years of living in a quiet, monogamous relationship with the Republican Party, you are being courted by the Democrats. These leftie operatives say it's not enough to be the de facto political party of Hollywood, with its nudity and violence. Now Barack Obama's supporters have a new frontier in their sights: Nashville, ...the literal and metaphoric capital of the gospel and contemporary Christian music industries, as well as a hot spot for Christian radio and TV. This, industry folks say, is a land populated by GOP-voting listeners.


We're talking rallies against global warming and capital punishment, at Christian music concerts. Obama ads on Christian radio. Consumers of gospel music getting bombarded with campaign literature from Democratic candidates.

That means the good people of Ohio will be peacefully listening to a radio preaching out of the Book of Revelation when suddenly -- " Jesus said, inasmuch as you did unto the least of these, you have done it to me" . . . calming instrumental music in the background . . . "As a Christian," says pro-life Democrat and former Ohio congressman Tony Hall, "Barack believes God calls us to care for those in need . . . "

That's a new radio ad scheduled to air on Christian radio in Ohio next week.

"We have people calling every Christian radio station; we want to know about their newsroom, what news services they use, how can we communicate with them...," drawls Burns Strider, a Mississippi native who led faith outreach for Hillary Clinton....
Much more here.

The Democratic Party scorned the Christian right for decades. But the Democratic Party isn't above pandering for the Christian-right vote: "Be a good Christian. Vote for Barack." Disgusting.

And I've noticed that this tactic is making headway. Specifically, I know several evangelical Christians, and they are arguing in favor of voting for Barack Obama and sporting Obama bumper stickers on their vehicles. One of these evangelical Christians even said, "I can't vote for McCain because his wife is Budweiser Beer." So, she'd rather vote for Barack HUSSEIN Obama even though she says that she believes he is a Moslem at heart. And, of course, she hasn't even bothered to research his stand on the issues which are important for this election and this time in America's history.

I realize that how citizens base their votes on is a topic of some contention and always has been. For me, that basis has been somewhat of a mystery. A responsible citizen should base his or her vote on the candidates' stand on the issues, not on some trivial sound bite. We'll find out in November if American voters are up to the task of being an educated citizenry.

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