Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Ahamdinejad and the ruling elite of Iran are all Lefties. They run a socialist state which controls many industries and over-regulates even more, like their oil and gasoline businesses.

They are buddies with Chavez and were protected by socialists like Schroeder.

This canard - that the islamoNAZIS are right-wing is rooted in the fallacious left-wing political spectrum (the one we were all taught in school) which puts Nazis and Fascists on the right and Marxists on the left.

This spectrum is WRONG. Here's proof:

  1. Nazism and Fascism were both forms of socialism - according to Hitler and Mussolini. They were anti-freemarket and anti-MARXIST. The Marxist-Nazi/Fascist divide was INTERNECINE like Stalin -Trotsky divide.
  2. In the traditional political spectrum - which we were all taught - there no logical place for anarchism. Marxists are put on the extreme left, an fascists/Nazis on the extreme right. Mixed economies governed by democracies are in the middle - THERE IS NO PLACE FOR ANARCHISM

The correct spectrum place ALL statist ideologies TOGETHER on the left : National Socialism and Marxist socialism. And then, anarchism is on the the extreme right. In the middle are the mixed economies run by democracies (with the USA more right of center and Scandinavian ones more left of center).

So the charge that Colmes makes s TOTALLY WRONG and JUST MORE LEFTIST PROPAGANDA.

The Left and the islamonazis are BIRDS OF A FEATHER. Leftist governments all over are all more supportive of the islamonazis than conservative ones. The leftist ones are all more anti-American than they are anti-islamonazi.

The left and leftists like Colmes refuse to accept the truth about Nazism, Fascism and Islamism because the truth is to gard to swallow: their ideology is the one closest to Nazism an fascism and their ideology has always failed at everything except increasing misery, poverty.

The left turn takes you on to the road to serfdom.

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