Friday, July 27, 2007


Peter Wallison - AEI/TCS DAILY:
... because weakening the will of the American people is the only way that al-Qaeda and our other opponents in Iraq can hope to win, between now and September we will see an all-out effort to inflict heavy casualties on our troops and on Iraqi civilians.

Unfortunately [for us], this can be a winning strategy [for them].

If we are unprepared for it, a bad August and early September could still lead to a collapse in public support that would even sweep congressional Republicans with it.

We should not forget that the North Vietnamese Tet offensive of 1968—although it resulted ultimately in a military defeat for the North—became a turning point in the war because it destroyed the American public's belief in our ultimate military success.

A series of spectacular and dramatic attacks could do the same for our enemies in Iraq. They know that, and we should expect them to try.

But if these attacks do not occur—or if they do and are quickly quelled—the success of the surge will be an inconvenient political truth that many in the Democratic party will not easily survive.
NOTE/REPEAT: "A series of spectacular and dramatic attacks..."

I think these are to be expected - and not just in Iraq, but in the region, in Europe, and even here in the USA.

I think it will be coordinated with a TWO-FRONT attack on Israel, from Gaza/Hamas and Hizballah/Lebanon.

If I had to guess what type of attack it will be, I'D GUESS a coordinated series of NIGHT-TIME attacks on commercial jets approaching or just leaving airports - attacked with missiles fired from shoulder-firing missile launchers. Just a guess based on this.

It will be timed to come as close to Petraeus's report as possible - so as to effect the resolve of Congress.

And I expect the Left and the party they dominate - the Democrat party - to BLAME BUSH and argue that it's proof that the Iraq War did not make us safer.

I pray that we don;t give up - whether or not the enemy attempts to ratchet up things, or not.

There is only one good way to "end a war" - BY WINNING.

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M. Simon said...

I have a friend who reports on the defense industry. Nice Jewish boy.

He says it is no use wasting your time trying to convince idiots of the obvious (morally it is sound though).

He says a big war is coming. BIG war. Like Pearl Harbor it will unite us. He says it is a waste of time trying to talk to the idiots. He used to blog a lot on the subject. Now he doesn't bother. He says events are the best convincers.

DavidCyrus said...

Ok, if no spectacular attacks take place in Israel, Iraq or the US, then you believe the Iraq War has made us safer.

But if spectacular attacks DO occur, you still believe the Iraq War has made us safer.

Is there anything that would convince you otherwise?

Reliapundit said...

the more of the enemy we kill the safer we are.

temporary setbacks - like d-day's debacle in ww2 and the battel of the bulge - are only TEMPORARY as long as we don;t bug out.

we will win in iraq and as we do we are killing the enemy. that's good.

what makes us less safe are leaks by lefties like the nytimes - their NSA leak and swift leak made us less safe.

letting gitmo prisoners out makes us less safe.

trying to exploit abugraihb photos to hurt bush made us less safe.

the left makes ud less safe, not our troops.

GET IT?!?!