Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This picture has been all over the blogosphere the past few days. I think we're going to be seeing it a lot for the next year and a half. It speaks volumes. Ted Kennedy, this country's shadow president for the past 40 years, along with Republican Senators Mel Martinez and Lindsey Graham share a laugh at our expense. Despite all the conservative opposition to the amnesty bill, Martinez says the bill could be instrumental in "the saving of the Republican Party." Lindsey Graham says it's a chance to "tell the bigots to shut up."

This is big folks, and despite what many will tell you, it's not about a fear of Hispanics moving into our neighborhoods. They're already here, which would be fine, but many came here illegally and they are being rewarded while those that came here legally are, in effect, being punished. It's being done to get votes for the the Democrat Party and their hopes of a permanent majority. It's being done so big business can get cheap labor. It's being done because so many people, politicians and many faceless corporations, don't care about anything that's bigger than themselves.

We're not just angry that they want to reward people for breaking the law, we're also worried about security. The point of this legislation that Lindsey Graham is so proud of is to reward illegal immigrants. It pays lip-service to border enforcement, but there is no intention whatsoever to deal with border enforcement and security. None of the power-brokers in Washington, D.C. seem concerned about border security, not even...I'm sorry to say, our President.

You know what the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have done for this country? It's terrible indeed that we've lost so many great men and women in these battles, but they've kept Americans safe from harm. Democrats love to point out that Osama bin Laden keeps saying how happy he is to fight America in the Middle East, on Islam's home-field. Of course he says that. You never hear a discouraging word from bin Laden...that's how propaganda works. If we weren't in Iraq and Afghanistan, we would be fighting terrorists on American streets.

Welcome to Israel.

Car bombs, suicide bombers in shopping malls...these would slowly become a way of life in the United States. As the situation deteriorates in Washington, D.C., one has to wonder how much longer until that day arrives in America.

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