Friday, January 27, 2006


As I wrote yesterday, the election victory of HAMAS CHANGES NOTHING.

The real reason there is a state of war between Israel and the Arab Palestinians is because MOST of the Arab Palestinians reject the ida of the state of Israel. Most of Fatah and MOST of ALL the Arab Palestinian parties feel that Israel should be erased from the map - JUST LIKE AHMADINEJAD AND ALL THE IRANIAN MULLAHS.

They teach genocide in their schools, they preach it in their mosques.

Until the stop teaching genocidal hatred and start teaching peaceful coexistence there will be no peace. No matter who they elect and no matter who is their PM and no matter who is their President.

They must stop teaching and preaching racist hatred and genocide BEFORE there can be peace.
And then and only then will they will be able to disarm their "militias" and establish the rule of law. Only then will Israel have a partner for peace. (Bibi agrees with this point, too.)

All the Arab Palestinians have now, election or no election, is mob rule - which is EXACTLY what "demos" means when there is no law, or when the law is based on raw power, hatred, and lack of respect for the inherent human rights of ALL people - even the ones you disagree with.

Ariel Sharon knew that he had no "partners for peace." And Ariel Sharon knew that in order to mainatin Israel as a Jewish state israel had to withdraw from the territories. To accomplish the latter without the former means ONLY ONE THING: UNILATERAL SEPARATION. This is exactly what will occur, now FASTER THAN IT MIGHT HAVE had FATAH won the elections. Which is a good thing. Unilateral separation means the border will be where the most Israelis want it. And it means that for all intents and purposes the Arab Palestinians are on their own now - for the USA and the EU and the UN will probably stop funding them. Which is a good thing, too. (On this much, JOHN AT POWERLINE AGREES.)

The cutr-off in aid from the Free World, means the Palestinian territories will become a full-fledged colony of Iran and islamofascism and jihadoterrorism. Iran will attempt to use it as a base of operations against Israel - AND ALL THE OTHER ARAB STATES IN THE VICINITY: Egypt; Jordan; Lebanon; and even Saudi Arabia. These Arab states will see this threat and help us. Psecifically, Egypt and Jordan and Lebanon have borders with the Arab Palestinians, and they all understand that Israel will do whatever it takes to make sure that the West bank and Gaza do not become more heavily or powerfully militarized than they already are.

Therefore, Israel WILL be able to take all the necessary steps it needs to take to guarantee its security.

NOTE: I have a feeling that (if Iran's nuke sites are not preemptively destroyed first) this is why and how the next major battle will erupt: Israel will intercept major missile shipments from Iran into Arab Palestine, and the Palestinians and Iranians will protest, and try again. When the next shipment is intercepted Iran will launch a MAJOR attack - along with the Palestinians and Hizb'Allah. Of course, if Iran has a nuke, then this is when they will use it - on Israel. (MORE HERE.)

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