Monday, November 21, 2005

OMINOUS BIRD FLU NEWS FROM ASIA - (worse: is there a cover up?)

Maxed Out Mama: Confirmation: 300 Humans Dead From Bird Flu In China
FAZ is reporting on a retirement party for a doctor, at which Dr. Mashato Tashiro (virologist) discussed the Boxun report and ... accuses the Chinese government of engaging in a widespread coverup. China already has quarantine units set up for bird flu victims and announced sanctions on individuals and medical authorities who did not use them. The chicken droppings are hitting the fan. ... Indonesian health care workers claim that they are getting infected from bird flu victims. This is moving toward H2H transmission. It is not pandemic yet, but it does appear highly likely that it will be.
Ominous. More HERE. Stay tuned... Previous post HERE.

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Subcomandante Bob said...

National Nitwit, America's number one source for unreliable news and commentary, has the story of a corporate victim of the bird flu scare.