Friday, November 18, 2005


ITV: A former CIA director has claimed that torture is condoned and even approved by the Bush government. The devastating accusations have been made by Admiral Stansfield Turner who labelled Dick Cheney "a vice president for torture". ... he said "I'm embarrassed the United States has a vice president for torture."

I'd be shocked except the traitor who uttered these words - ex-DCI Turner - was the CIA Director under JIMMY CARTER - so it figures. He was DCI when Saddam ascended by coup, Afghanistan was invaded, and Iran fell - all by SURPRISE. "NICE JOB STAN!" NOPE: It's not surpising that the DCI with this abysmal record, who worked for the worst president in US history, would have an IDIOTIC opinion; it's just surprising he wouldn't EVEN BE SMART ENOUGH TO KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT WHEN THAT OPINION AIDA THE ENEMY! Sheesh.

More HERE. (BTW: I never heard him or any other Dem/Leftie complain about rendition during the Clinton Administration - WHEN IT STARTED!)

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Reliapundit said...

sorry phil; i deleted your comment because you were off topic. get a blog!

(phil had a long piece - posing as a comment - sarcastically attacking bush and cheney and mentioning that the pol,ls shopw that the war is now unpopular.)

BTW phil, some polls during ww2 showed it was unpoular too.
and on 12/6/41 an overwhelming majority of americans didn't care what happened outside the 48 states.

that didn't make them right.

and today, the MSM - which commissions and runs the bogus/biased polls - skews the news about iraq IN ORDER to sway public opinion.

their bias amounts to nothing more than misinformation and propaganda.

if you polled americans they'd tell you that we LOST the TET Offensive. becaause that's how the MSM plated it. BUT WE WON. That's a fact.

"LOSING TET" was a major reason the majoprity of american turned against the war, and why we ABANDONED South Vietnam.


And, if you polled americans, a vast majority would tell you that we had thousands, if not HUMDREDS of thousands of troops in Vietnam when it fell in 1975.

WE HAD NONE. By 3/29/73 - two YEARS before the fall - we had withdrawn ALL TROOPS.

Nixon had SUCCESSFULLY "Vietnamized" the war. South Vietnam fell for ONE SOLITARY REASON: the Dem/Left which controlled Congress CUT FUNDING for the SVG.

The Dem/Left ABANDONED the SVG.

As a result there were:
1.5 MIULLION Boat People who fled commie tyranny; 500,000 put in "re-education camps"; the fall of cambodia to commies who murdered 3.5 MILLION; and the sad fact that 65 MILLION Vietamese have been forced to live under marxist tyranny for the last 30 YEARS!

if we had not abandoned the SVG, we might be driving Vietnames cars (as we are South Korean cars!) - as Sotuh Vietnam would be a feee and propserous as South Korea, INSTEAD OF ALL OF VIETNAM BEING AS TYRANNIZED AND POOR AS NORTH KOREA.

And the sickest part is NOW, the Vietnamese commies are BEGGING for USA investment!

If they had NOT fought us, then they'd have had that investment - NORTH AND SOUTH - for the LAST FORTY YEARS.

The commies were wrong to fight us. THEY wasted the lives of all the COMPELLED to fight against us and our allies.

I bring this up because the MSM is tryiong to do now what they did then: get the USA to abandon an ally in a war we are WINNING.

and DUPOES like you are letting them get away with it.

if you have a shred of dcency and humanity you wouild NOT want to abandon our brothers and sisters in Iraq who are DYING for their freedom.

and you would not want to withdraw the extraordinary VOLUNTEERS in our armed forces who ahre helping them


don't be a dupe of the MS and the Left.

We CAN help opur brothers and sisters EVERYWHERE become FREE.

as FDR wised in his FOUR FREEDOMS speech. google it. read it. it is very NEO-CON.

FDR would be a neo-con if he were alive today. and hed support Buish - as JFK would if he were alive.

YUP: just read jfk'
s inaugural. Bush could deliver it TODAY!

good luck.

please vcome back - and comment.
in a relevant way, next time!