Thursday, August 25, 2005


More than 1,000 German police were deployed in a large-scale search for three terror suspects in the north German port city of Hamburg on Thursday, a police spokesman said. Roadblocks and controls were set up at 12 points in Germany's second city after an Arabic-speaking witness overheard the men at a bus stop on Wednesday, praising Allah and heroism in Arabic. One of the men was carrying a backpack. ... Hamburg, which has been put on terror alert several times in the past four years, was the home of a group of radical Arab students led by Mohamed Atta, the man who rammed the first of four hijacked planes into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Last Friday, a friend of the September 11 suicide pilots was found guilty in a Hamburg court of belonging to a terrorist group, though the court ruled that he knew too little of their plans to convict him on a second charge of abetting mass murder.
The 7/7 attacks in London occurred around the time of the trial of a major jihadist in London - so there is reason to believe that jihadists might try something in Hamburg to coincide with the recent trial there, too. (More about Hamburg's connection to jihadoterrorism HERE.) ALSO: Remember that the Germans have a national election coming up, and the jihadoterrorists in Hamburg MIGHT be trying to do to the German electorate what they did to the Spanish electorate - get them to cower in fear and then elect an anti-American pacifistic socialist by staging a series of horrific terrorist attacks.


Anonymous said...

There already is an anti-American pacifist socialist in charge of Germany. The alternative to the current government--Angela Merkel and the Christian Democrats--will not be an improvement. The terrorists would have nothing to gain by blowing up the German election. It would be a waste of their resources, and they--the terrorists--know it.

Reliapundit said...

first of all the terrorists do not care about their resources. if they did they would not valorize suicide bombing - which like kamikazis in WW2 reflects deperation (kamikais didn;t begin until 1945.)

second of all, schroeder is trailing badly in all the polls - as is his coalition partner the greens (whose leader is embrolied in an immigration scandal).

second: if the terorists think they can get schroeder reelected by attacking then they will attack.
zapatero trailed aznar bewfore the attacks.

third: merkel is much much muich MUCH more pro-American than scroeder - and her likely colaition partnmers ate too, so her victory would change germany's GWOT policies.


Anonymous said...

Wrong, on all three counts.

First of all, you should learn to spell. Or learn to type.

What makes you think any potential terrorists would use suicide bombers? The Madrid train bombings were the result of improvised explosive devices, left on the train and set to explode at a certain time, after the terrorists escaped from the train. They killed themselves some weeks later after the Spanish police cornered them in an apartment. They never meant to sacrifice themselves. And once the terrorists strike, they expose themselves and thereby run the risk of getting caught. Just ask the poor muggers in Spain who blew themselves up after getting cornered by the police.

Second, the fact that Schroeder is trailing in the polls means nothing. Terrorists will not strike simply because Schroeder is trailing in the polls. In March 2004, Spain had troops in Iraq, and the terrorists blew up those four trains on the chance that the Spanish electorate would elect the pacifist Zapateros, who would pull the troops out of Spain, which he did. Germany has no troops in Iraq. Germany has troops in Afghanistan, but it is not likely the Germans would pull their troops out in the event of a terrorist attack.

Third, Merkel may be pro-American, but that does not guarantee a change in German foreign policy. Merkel has already stated that she will not send troops to Iraq.

So, the terrorists would have nothing to gain by striking Germany.