Monday, April 18, 2005


George Soros - a native Hungarian who was educated in in the United Kingdom and who is a billionaire speculator - spent $27 million in 2004 trying to unseat George W. Bush.

One of the primary reasons Soros wanted Bush out was that he feared that Bush was too religious - DANGEROUSLY so.

"Soros, who describes himself as an agnostic, contended that Bush's religious beliefs are in conflict with with America's democratic traditions. "The separation of church and state, the bedrock of our democracy, is clearly undermined by having a born-again president," he said. "Our concern about Islamic fundamentalism is that there's no separation between chuch and state, yet we are about to erode that here."

This opinion is ridiculous on it's face. First, Carter was a born-again and nobody on the Left - no one, NOT EVEN SOROS was the slightest bit concerned that the USA was about establish a state religion. Carter even TAUGHT Sunday School, and yet NO ONE thought he was TOO RELIGIOUS to be president. Of course this is because of TWO THINGS:

(a) Carter is an anti-American Leftist, and since the MSM is dominated by anti-American Leftists and becuase they don't criticize their own Carter got a "PASS." And (b), Carter president BEFORE 9/11, and before 9/11 the Left in the USA was a little more tolerant of religious people than afyter 9/11. After 9/11 the Left in the USA became MORE RELIOGIOPHOBIC because they blame 9/11 on RELIGION and they bunch all religious people together; this is called CONFLATION and it's a LOGICAL FALLACY. The "Leftist Illogic" goes something like this:

(1) "Binladen is religious; George Bush is religious; therefore Binladen and Bush are equivalent."

(2) "Binladen is dangerous and religious; George Bush is religious; therefore George Bush is dangerous."

(3) Binladen is a religious fanatic; religious fanatics are fundamentalists; fundamentalists are part of the religious right; George Bush is part of the religious right; therefore George Bush is a religious fanatic."

The conclusions of each of these three arguments are ILLOGICAL and FALSE. Yet the Left - and GEORGE SOROS apparently believe and promulgate them all.

(ASIDE: The Left has a diathesis for religiophobia for three reasons: (I) a basic tenet of Leftism is the that religion is bad - "the opiate of the people;" Leftists think only simpletons believe in God; Christianity is a silly myth no more real than Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. And Leftists think religion is a superstitous value system which is responsible for perpetuating ignorance and countless wars.

BUT, THE FACT IS... that Leftism - (socialists and their cousins: Nazism, Fascism, Maoism; Pol-Potism, Milosevicism, Baathism, etc.) - killed more people in the 20th century than religion did in the preceding 30 centuries! YUP: 3000 years of religious wars killed 1% of the people which socialism killed IN THE 20th CENTURY ALONE! YES: socialism is responsible for more genocide than any other creed in all of human history.

And, contrary to what Leftists would have you belive, anti-Leftist/anti-Communist authoritarians - like Pinochet, Marcos, Franco, et al - killed a fraction of the number of people killed in the name of religion!

SO... in REAL TERMS, religion is at worst benign when compared to Leftist creeds. (II) Leftism IS a religion of sorts, and traditional faiths are COMPETITORS. (III) Leftists are moral relativists and post-modernists who hate Western Civilization and support the "counter-culture." Traditional religion is the chief adversary for socialists because it is NOT relativistic, and contemporary traditional religions are deeply - YEA INEXTRICABLY tied to Western Civilization - the Judeo-Christian civilization.

By attacking major Western religions and sects (while being "intrigued" and attracted to "exotic"/non-Western religions like Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism), Leftists seek to DESTROY the West. This is also why they have been so apologetic on behalf of neojihadist terror, arguing that somehow we - the West, the USA - DESERVED 9/11; as Ward Churchill said, "the chickens have come home to roost." The neojihadists seek to destroy us; Leftists mistakenly think they can sit on the sidelines an applaud.)

The second major ridiculous charge that Soros makes is that our democracy is based on the separation of church and state, and he extends this erroneous assertion to imply that any expression of religion by our government or by our elected officials violates the Constitution.

In fact, the words "separation of church and state" do NOT appear anywhere in any of our founding documents; on the contrary, our founding documents were filled with religious expressions, and our Founding Fathers were almost all God-fearing men of deep faith. The Constitution ONLY states that the government shall not ESTABLISH and official state religion - (which means support any sect with taxes -- as is done in MOST of the world's countries, including in most in Europe including the UK, and Denmark, and Spain, and all of the Moslem states).

Nevertheless, religiophobes like Soros are HYPERPHOBIC about the spearation of church and state - in spite of the fact that MNOST of the world's democracies HAVE NO SUCH WALL (and they say not a sinlge word condemning THEM!), and in spite of the fact that NOT ONE PRESIDENT - NOT EVEN "BORN-AGAINER" GEORGE BUSH OR "BORN-AGAINER" JIMMY CARTER HAS EVER SUGGESTED THAT WE DO ESTABLISH a STAE RELIGION!

SO: when Soros expresses fear that this may happen, he reveals more about his own demented phobias - and his illogical mind - than he does about reality. (As far a tax-dollars going to faith-based social welfare groups, I'll just remind you that in 2000 candiate Al Gore was also IN FAVOR OF IT. And, if you're a results oriented person, you should WANT your tax dollars going to the most effective social welfare organizations - WHICH ARE OFTEN faith-based groups.)


Because Soros is still very much a big time Democrat/Left-wing player: he is actively financing efforts to get Tom Delay tossed from the GOP leadership (by ACT and Moveon.org and others); and he was very involved in the Left's attempts to exploit the Schiavo Murder -- as if Congress had passed the Schiavo Bill along partisan lines, (as if the Senate had NOT passed it UNANIMOUSLY, and the House by 75%!).

Soros and Dean are already trying to depict the bipartisan and Constitutional attempt by Congress to give Terry Schaivo a DE NOVO hearing in federal court as if it had been a power grab by "RIGHT-WING THEOCRATIC FANATICS."

And Soros's dollars are still freely flowing to a multitude of other Leftist causes - directly to ACT and Moveon.org - and also flowing through his many foundations - which like that other billionaire Ter-AY-sa Heinz (Kerry) - gives money EXCLUSIVELY to Left-wing causes. AND SOROS DOES IT TO THE TUNE OF $400 MILLION PER YEAR!

Soros must be watched, and he must be stopped. Left-wing oligarchs should not be allowed to buy the government of their choice.

******** UPDATE - 4/20/05: Read this - from FRONTPAGE - about a group of Left-wing billionaires that Soros has formed, called The Phoenix Group.


Sergeant America said...

Say It ... Again! ;)

Anonymous said...

Soros and the KGB manipulated the english pound

FrauBudgie said...

Wonderful breakdown on Soros -- posterboy of "Billionaires Against Bush."

The guy's a creep, and he's dangerous.

I would just LOVE to know how the offshore Soros funds have been manipulating the oil markets .. that spike just before the 2004 elections was too timely .. unfortunately, you can't access much info about off shore funds.

Anonymous said...

Can't we rescind Soros citizenship, if he has one, he is a disaster, we should send him back to where he came from and leave his money here. Put a hold on his millions. Shirley Morse

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