Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is now Pope Benedict. He has a difficult mission; I wish him success and Peace.

I favored other younger Cardinals because I thought him too old - at 78 - for the mission, but the CofC did not. I pray they are right. I had ALWAYS thought him to be philosphically fine.

Just before his election, he gave an absolutely RIGHT ON and wonderful speech about the evils of moral relativism and its centrality to the moral crises of our time. (More HERE.)The evils of moral relativism is a favorite topic of mine (if you GOOGLE the word "relativism" at this blog you will find MANY MANY links), and I think that Pope Benedict was 100% correct in what he said about it. This bodes VERY well. If his papacy can defeat relativism and inspire a resurgence of the Church and the Priesthood in Europe and the USA then he will have been the right choice.

[For what it's worth:
(A) I had Ratzinger as #8 on my list (only so low because of his relatively advanced age). The number 8 is - by many numerologists - regarded as the number most associated with Jesus. (B) Amazingly: The 16th Century predictions of Malachy foretold that the Pope succeeding JPII the great would be named Benedict. And - ominously - that he would be the LAST POPE. (For more on this prophecy-angle read HERE and HERE or just GOOGLE "Malachy Benedict "last pope.") (C) Pope Benedict is European and the single issue which I MOST STRONGLY expressed, in all my "predictions" about the successor to JPII the Great, was that he SHOULD be someone who could tackle the Church's problems in Europe. I think that by choosing a non-Italian European, the CofC recognized this - and it's another reason why he was a good pick.]
I wish Pope Benedict all the best.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of luck and best wishes to the pope even though I'm not Catholic. But how do they reverse agnosticism in Europe and the USA? What? Resort to forced conversions at the barrel of a gun? I'm being facetious, but you get my point. You're not going to appeal to non-Christians with fire and brimstone. Ah well. In any case, it's interesting news but bears no relevance in the lives of agnostics or non-Catholics.