Saturday, May 25, 2024

One of the abductees was an advocate for "palestine"

As some horrifying footage of what Hamas terrorists did to women they'd abducted came out, a writer at the Jerusalem Post points out that one of the women who was taken hostage by Hamas in Gaza was a far-left advocate who supported the "palestine" fabrication:
"I have friends in Palestine." These words, spoken by Naama Levy, an Israeli soldier and peace activist, that were uttered to her Hamas captors while her face was covered in blood, underscored the tragic irony of her abduction. Levy, who dedicated her young life to promoting peace and understanding between Israelis and Palestinians, was brutally kidnapped during the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

At 19 years old, Levy should have embodied the hope for a future in which Israelis and Palestinians could coexist peacefully. But this did not come true; on the contrary. Raised in Ra’anana near Tel Aviv, she became deeply involved with Hands of Peace, an organization committed to fostering dialogue and mutual understanding among young people from both sides of the conflict. Through this program, she participated in workshops, dialogues, and activities aimed at breaking down barriers and building bridges between communities long divided by hatred and violence.

The absurdity of Levy’s situation is heart-wrenching. Here is a young woman who, despite the profoundly entrenched conflict, chose to extend a hand of friendship and understanding to her Palestinian peers. Her dedication to peace and justice was not just theoretical; it was deeply personal and active. She fought for the rights of Palestinians, believing in a shared humanity and a better future for all.

Yet, on that fateful day in October, this same dedication was met with unimaginable violence. Levy was abducted from the Nahal Oz kibbutz military base. Footage of her abduction showed her in distress, injured, and forcibly taken by Hamas terrorists. In a cruel twist of fate, the very people she fought to understand and support became her captors, not because of her actions or beliefs, but simply because she was Jewish.
Something to consider: she could've been attacked even she weren't Jewish, and there have been tons of women in the past of different ethnicities who went miles out of their way to advocate for adherents to Islam, only to be betrayed in the worst ways possible. Most disgusting is how such propagandists emphasize moral equivalence, and worst, completely obscure the Religion of Peace being a motivating factor behind Arab violence. This is exactly what led to the tragedy, and the paper's writers predictably don't have the courage or the honesty to bring that up. Does that mean they see nothing wrong with taqqiya (deception) either? That's another problem nobody like her ever considered. She probably never even championed the cause of Arab women who were threatened with honor murders for doing something unacceptable under the Religion of Peace.

This whole issue also reminded me of advocate Ysabella Hazan, who, it was reported a few months ago, was supporting Islamic causes:
She is also an advocate for non-Jewish causes and people. Hazan was part of a planning committee that organized a vigil for Muslims to honor the victims of the 2019 mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand that killed 51 and injured many others.

She also spoke on behalf of the Uygur Muslims outside the Chinese consulate in Montreal.
Now I don't think it's good what China's been doing to the Uygurs, and the shooting in NZ was a bad thing too, but it's awfully dangerous to associate with followers of the Religion of Peace, when one considers its hostility to Jews and women, and to think the Uygurs are any different is being naive. There have been times in the past when Uighers and their supporters did some very offensive things, and to ignore atrocities committed by Muslims in China will only prolong a terrible issue.

And has Hazan ever advocated for Armenians who've been harmed by Islamofascism? If not, she's only making a joke out of her advocacy job. It should noted the imam at the Christchurch mosque even blamed Israel for the shooting, and the whole notion they're going to literally change based on Hazan's support only perpetuates naivity. Seriously, I think Hazan has some reevaluation to do, and tragically, she probably won't.

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