Monday, January 22, 2024

Jewish community girls' basketball team in San Francisco gave Muslim team advantage in case involving transsexual player

A most decidedly galling case occurred where a Jewish girls' basketball team in Frisco let a Muslim girls' team get the advantage by not playing against a team with a male transsexual player included:
Here we go again with one of these utterly despicable stories.

The girls’ basketball team of San Francisco Waldorf High School is currently on a five-game win streak, largely owed to their captain and superstar player, Henry Hanlon.

San Francisco Waldorf squared off Thursday against Jewish Community, with the former forcing a dominating 54-22 victory. Hanlon led the team in scoring — and the entire game at that — with 24 points. Hanlon also scored a third of Waldorf’s points, and this is the fourth-straight game this feat has been accomplished by the transgender athlete.

Hanlon, a male, has competed in girls’ sports for the last three years
, according to ICONS and Reduxx, per OutKick. In addition to basketball, the junior also competes in soccer and volleyball and, with the latter, Hanlon led the school to a CIF North Coast Championship last season.

In basketball, Hanlon is ranked No. 4 in scoring in the North Coast Section of California with an average of 20.8 points-per-game and, as you’re about to see, the transgender athlete completely towers over his female teammates.

Earlier in January, Averroes — an Islamic college preparatory high school — refused to play against Hanlon because of his transgender status, as well as declining to share any locker room facilities, according to Breitbart and Reduxx.
No doubt, the Muslim team will suffer no consequence for refusing to play against the creep, or refusing to share a locker/dressing room with him. It's decidedly atrocious that the Jewish team by contrast refused to refrain from playing against a team with such a despicable person taking part. As a result, they made the Muslim team look like the better. And that's very sad.

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