Thursday, January 04, 2024

Hamas exploits children for terrorist acts

The IDF destroyed tunnels leading to al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, and also noted that Hamas is using child soldiers for their evil deeds too:
The Israel Defense Forces said Wednesday that it had completed demolishing a Hamas tunnel network to Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, while the military continued to focus operations on the enclave’s central and southern areas.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military accused Hamas of using child soldiers, including to deliver explosive devices and to “assess the damage” on battlefields and report it to Hamas gunmen.

[...] Further proof of Hamas’s entrenchment in Gazan society was presented to international media outlets Wednesday.

In a briefing, the IDF showed reporters footage recovered from the Gaza Strip showing what it says is the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror groups indoctrinating young people into their terrorist ideology.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have for years openly run and promoted summer camps in the Gaza Strip where children undergo military training.

The IDF said at the summer camps, children learn to fire weapons, use tunnels, fight against tanks, and kidnap soldiers as part of early training for the terror groups’ military wings.

Citing intelligence, the IDF said “a large number of minors are active” in Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

“Even during the war, the Hamas terror organization uses minors for various tasks, for example sending children for the purposes of conveying messages and ammunition,”
the IDF said.

The IDF said the interrogation of a Hamas commander revealed that the terror group had used children to deliver explosive devices under the guise of bags of vegetables.

It also said children had been sent by terror groups to battlefields in Gaza after an attack “to assess the damage and report it to the terrorists who are hiding in shelters.”
To indoctrinate and exploit children for jihadism is another unspeakable evil the Hamas organization has committed. Of course, the children themselves, if taken into custody, must be given psychological counseling and deprogrammed. This is another horrific revelation made during the war against the 2nd most evil terror organization after the PLO.

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