Friday, January 12, 2024

Antisemites taunt Jewish man describing murders of family members by Hamas at San Francisco meeting

San Francisco continues to prove it's one of the most repulsive places you could ever be in California:
Footage of a Jewish man sharing his experiences of antisemitism at a committee hearing Tuesday has gone viral.

You may have seen the videos of a group of masked up San Francisco residents dancing and celebrating the passage of a resolution calling for a sustained ceasefire in Gaza. No, this vote did nothing in terms of actually contributing toward a ceasefire. But it did bring out some of the most racist people the Bay Area has to offer.

One Jewish man, seen in a clip shared by the Jewish Community Relations Council, described to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee how five members of his immediate family were murdered at Kibbutz Be’eri by Hamas terrorists Oct. 7, 2023.

“Two of those family, this is my first cousins, were taken hostage, Noga and Shiri Weiss, and they were released as part of that second day of the releases of hostages,” the man told the crowd.

“And I can tell you that this resolution does one thing. It fuels antisemitism and hatred, as exemplified in this room right now,” he continued, as a group of ugly monsters taunted and jeered the man behind him.

The crowd grew louder as the man described the blatant racism around him.

“I have never, since I moved to San Francisco, seen this kind of hatred against a minority group. Ever,”
he noted. “A public demonstration of hate against a minority group.”

[...] “My kids and I do not feel safe in San Francisco,” concluding with a statement on how the resolution is going to make America and the world a far more dangerous place for the Jewish people.
The city's already been circling the drain in the past few years very fast. And recently, pro-Islamist hoodlums vandalized a Christmas tree in SF's Union Square. So as horrible as it is to see what the poor man went through, it's no longer a shock. And I will not set foot in such a cesspool as SF's become, even if I were paid to visit there.

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