Saturday, November 25, 2023

First Israeli hostages of Hamas released from captivity

At least 13 of the Israeli and even several Thai/Filipino hostages taken by Hamas to Gaza were released and returned to families:
Images and video of the first reunions between the first group of Israeli hostages released on Friday and their families has been released by the Schneider Children’s Hospital near Tel Aviv.

The hostages, all women and children, as old as 85 and as young as two years old, were released by the Palestinian Hamas terror group as part of a deal after being brutally kidnapped amid the murder of their relatives and neighbors in the October 7 terror attack.

In one video released by the hospital, father Yoni Asher asks his daughter: “Did you think about Daddy? Did you think about good things?” She replies: “I dreamed about going home.” He replies: “Your dream came true! … Soon, we’re going home.” [...]

The Jerusalem Post reported that most of the freed hostages were in good physical condition, and had not been abused after the initial physical abuse of their capture, though they had to sleep on plastic benches. They received some news from Israel during their captivity, including news about the murder of their relatives in the October 7 terror attack.

Many of the first group of hostages were from Kibbutz Nir Oz, where a quarter of the population of 400 was murdered or kidnapped. 11 foreign nationals workers, including 10 Thai and one Filipino, were released along with the initial group of 13.

A second group of 13 hostages is set to be released Saturday, reportedly mostly from Kibbutz Be’eri, where over 100 were murdered.
These people are very fortunate to be released. Mainly because, as the following indicates, Joe Biden is not helping the situation. Here's more on the hostages who were freed. Now, we must hope that all hostages will be released, and that the IDF will be ready to continue combat accordingly.

Update: some more over here about the subject.

Update 2: a second group of hostages is now on their way home too.

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