Thursday, August 10, 2023

It may be a burden on their beliefs, but what about their own Religion of Peace being a similar burden on any sane society?

In another example of why realists have to be wary of Islamic taqqiya (deception), here's news of a demonstration against LGBT ideology being forced upon students in Maryland, led by both Muslim and Christian parents in the city of Greenbelt:
More than 100 Muslim and Christian parents rallied on Wednesday arguing that a Maryland school district’s policy that prohibits them from opting their child out of LGBTQ lessons violates their religious beliefs and their ability to raise their kids, the Daily Caller News Foundation observed.

Members of the Muslim, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christian faith rallied ahead of oral arguments in the Mahmoud v. McKnight case, a lawsuit filed by a coalition of parents against the Montgomery County Board of Education after the school district decided parents could no longer opt their children out of lessons that discussed books about preferred pronouns, pride parades and gender transitioning, for the right to “let kids be kids,” the DCNF observed Wednesday. Carrying signs reading “let parents parent,” Muslim and Christian parents told the DCNF that the school board’s policy allows teachers to push a different worldview and ideology on their children.

“We believe that the state is trying to impose a particular moral system on our kids,” Kareem Monib, a Muslim parent, told the DCNF. “That’s what we see. We cannot allow that to happen, because that will be the end of our [Muslim] community. Those kids will grow up hating their parents. They’ll grow up believing that their religion is wrong. In fact, they’ll even believe that their God is not compassionate, because the way that the other side frames it is that we’re denying their humanity whereas we do not believe that a person’s sexual conduct has to do with their identity. That’s just not in our worldview.”
Wow. Just what's so "right" about a religion that condones sick jihadism and sexual violence? And also honor murders? Isn't that denying the humanity of Jews and women, along with Christian adherents? Again, nobody should be taken for a ride by the taqqiya that's sadly in motion here, and nobody should have to make a choice between LGBT ideology and Islam. Also notice again here how the Islamists are adapting patriotic-sounding language if that's what helps further their cause.
“We don’t celebrate actions that go against our faith. We have a certain set of actions, sexual regulations and we want to teach our kids that this is the correct way to approach sex and sexual conduct,” Monib told the DCNF. “When the state comes in at an early age and starts introducing ideas, like transgenderism, or that there are more than two sexes, or even use terms that our kids can’t understand, that does create a burden on our beliefs.”
Yet their own Religion of Peace isn't a burden by sharp contrast, huh? And is no more dangerous to women and children than the LGBT ideologues themselves, right? I'm sorry, but based on the specific movement protesting the school's indoctrination procedures, that's why this is a case where realists don't know whom to root for. On the other hand, the following guy is far preferable for supporting:
Dagmawi Lakew, an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian who immigrated from Ethiopia and is a parent within the school system, told the DCNF that he came to the United States to escape policies that the school district is imposing.

“Almost all these people [at the rally] left their own countries to come here because we don’t have freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom to assemble the way we want,” Lakew told the DCNF. “We left our countries and our family and came to the United States because those rights weren’t given to us. And now slowly, but surely, those rights are literally being stripped away from us.”
Tragically, that's the sad trajectory the USA looks headed on these days; a most perverse form of communism and totalitarianism. And even Islamic shariah looms on the horizon, and no matter how this case turns out, that too is a danger the USA faces as much as Europe. But, the guy shouldn't be associating with Islamists, since they brought such disasters to the African continent over time, and Islamic sharia awaits the USA as well, if we don't remain vigilant.
After nearly three hours of oral arguments in the Mahmoud v. McKnight case, U.S. District Judge Deborah Lynn Boardman, who was appointed by Democratic President Joe Biden, announced that she would decide whether she would grant the coalition of parents a preliminary injunction, blocking the school district’s current policy, by Aug. 28, the first day of school for students within Montgomery County Public Schools.
If she rules in favor of the parents based on the Muslim movements being among them, it'll be no surprise. If the Democrats want to retain the ummah's backing, they'll make sure to accommodate them. And then, it'll be claimed that the Muslims accomplished justice, all for the sake of weakening the opposition to the Religion of Peace. That, again, is the problem here.

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