Saturday, July 08, 2023

More reasons westerners shouldn't be fooled by Muslim opposition to LGBTQ ideology

Christine Williams and Frank Gaffney spoke about how there's Christians who've partnered with Muslims to oppose LGBTQ indoctrination in USA public schools, and why it's ill-advised to believe the Religion of Peace actually respects values other than its own alleged ones:
As the alliance between opponents of the aggressive LGBTQ++ agenda and Muslims grows, Westerners have been quick to see that Muslim groups get the results that Christians have been unable to gain so effectively on their own. Christians are generally not confrontational and are easy targets, as we saw in Alberta, Canada, when Pastor Derek Reimer was thrown in jail for “hate” after protesting a drag show for kids at a local library. Greater awareness about the alliance with Muslim groups is prudent. While Christians and Muslims can agree about the abhorrent imposition of the trans agenda, as well as the open nudity and vulgarity of some members of the LGBTQ++ community, there are other points of divergence that should be considered.

To start with, in the coverage by mainstream media — which is notorious for its lack of knowledge about Islamic tenets and laws — some have been describing Muslims who oppose the LGBTQ++ agenda as “conservative Muslims.” The term “conservative Muslims” has nothing to do with Western notions of conservatism and/or partisanship; it has everything to do with a Muslims’ level of dedication to Islamic law (the Sharia), and is a term usually reserved for describing the likes of Iranian mullahs, the Taliban and Salafists in general. The misuse of the term “conservative Muslims” in the mainstream media creates the deceptive impression that these Muslims are supporters of Western conservatism or parties that support conservatism. Most of these activist Muslims against the LGBTQ++ agenda are more likely still Democrats or Liberals, given the long established Islamic/Left alliance. There are indeed some Muslims who are aligned with Western conservatism. [...]

But the focus of this Preamble and of the interview below is not the Muslims who stand in unity with non-Muslims for religious freedom and equal rights for all. The focus is on those Muslims who are aligned with Sharia tenets, held by those ranging in beliefs from that of the Iranian regime and the Taliban, to the Muslim Brotherhood in the West. Westerners need to be aware that the LGBTQ++ woke aggression will be used and is being used as a launching pad for the expansion of the scope of the Sharia.
Read the whole item. This is exactly what I'd thought about myself after seeing some of these cases which, to be sure, aren't limited to just the USA-Canada, where Islamists are getting the results Judeo-Christians aren't getting at ease themselves. Those who blindly align with Islam no matter the exact beliefs of specific movements of the Religion of Peace's adherents are running the gauntlet of granting legitimacy to Islam it doesn't deserve, and that's exactly why Judeo-Christian adherents who're realists would do better not to align with Islamists on the LGBTQ issue at all. Glad to see Williams and Gaffney both recognize what's troubling about the situation here.

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