Thursday, May 11, 2023

A fact-based movie from India that's important to see

There's a new movie produced in India (via Front Page) about a horrible tragedy where Muslims brainwashed Hindu and Christian girls into serving jihadism:
The trailer of The Kerala Story was released on April 26 and has led to reactions and controversy. The film by Vipul Amrutlal Shah aims to tell the tale of how women from the Indian state of Kerala women were tricked and trafficked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the conflict zone of Syria. The film directed by Sudipto Sen traces the journey of four female college students in Kerala who become part of the Islamic State.

Kerala leader of opposition V.D. Satheesan demanded that the film should not be allowed to be released.

The film especially showcases certain cases of how ‘love jihad’ was used by ISIS to lure 32,000 women to Syria. The trailer shows how men were brainwashed to woo Hindu and Christian women of Kerala in the name of love, convert them to Islam and convince them to join ISIS and other Islamic war zones. The shocking incidents occurred between 2018-19, when a rising number of Kerala youths had come under the influence of ISIS. [...]

The movie is based on a tragedy where around 32,000 women went missing in Kerala. They were allegedly brainwashed and lured by Muslim men, who married and converted them, radicalised them and later deployed them in terror missions in India and abroad for ISIS.
All must be done to ensure that this movie continues to be available for the public to see, and that there's security and safety for the public going to view it at the movie theaters. The leftists who're calling for censorship of this film should be condemned for what they're leading to, and should cease all attacks on it, period. The filmmakers have done the right thing to tackle the issue of women being lured into horrifying situations by Mohammedans and then put in the middle of war zones, making things worse.

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