Wednesday, June 29, 2022

New cartoon based on King David could be laced with PC

The Jerusalem Post tells of an animated film in the works based on biblical king David, produced by a south African animation studio called Sunrise (apparently not the same as the Japanese studio of a similar name), but there's suggestions this could all be a most politically correct development indeed:
An animated feature film on the life of King David, called David, is currently in production in South Africa, and its producer, Phil Cunningham, visited Jerusalem last week to research the film.

“We are aiming for the quality to be the same as Disney or Pixar or Dreamworks Films,” he said. “We’ve done a lot of research trips to Israel; we’ve been on four trips prior to this one to make sure it’s deeply authentic.”
And here's surely a beginning point of contention, or a sign of the mistakes about to be made: Disney and their Pixar affiliate are going off the deep end today in wokeness, and Dreamworks was originally co-founded by ultra-leftist Steven Spielberg, who himself has long lost the talent he used to have, as his most recent film, a needless remake of West Side Story, made clear. To say you're going to make your cartoon similar to what men like Spielberg specialized in doesn't inspire much confidence, mainly because he watered down Prince of Egypt a quarter century ago to appease anti-Israeli Islamists (yet it was barred for screening in most Muslim countries anyway), mainly by not depicting the ancient Israelites returning to their country. Yet that's the very film they seem to be taking their cue from here:
The obvious model for an animated biblical feature like this is the 1998 The Prince of Egypt, but there has not been another such high-profile Bible-based animated film in the intervening years.

“We are really leaning into the authenticity and we want the project both visually and in every other way, to be as authentic as possible and grounded in history and to be as accurate as possible,” Cunningham said. “But at the same time, we want it to be highly entertaining and accessible to the whole world.”
But what if they're not, considering the Dreamworks-produced cartoon was hardly the best rendition itself? These filmmakers say things, but only the finished product convinces, or doesn't.
One of the ways Cunningham and his team will make it authentic is in the voice cast. “We’re going to make sure we only cast people of Israeli origin” in the appropriate roles in the movie, he said.
And this, I think, is silly wokeness to boot. It may be one thing to hire people with foreign accents, but it's not like they have to be Israeli per se in order to provide an aura of authenticity. As though it weren't bad enough the Simpsons resorted to this PC approach in the past few years. I don't think this is a good idea either.
Cunningham has assembled a team that includes Pixar and Disney alumni, such as Nathan Stanton, who is head of story of David and who has worked on such Pixar classics as Toy Story 2 and Finding Nemo. Brent Dawes, the leading writer and director at Sunrise, is directing the film.
Oh, and what if it turns out former employees of these studios are little different from the SJWs running the stores today? Somehow, the recruitment of folks from these 2 companies doesn't make me feel encouraged or inspire confidence. Honestly, I think in the end, the Bible is best left to the books, because with all the PC running amok these days, there's little chance it'll be done justice.

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