Monday, June 20, 2022

It looks like Israel is headed to elections again

So after losing a majority in the coalition due to the defection of Nir Orbach, now both Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid have decided to support dissolving the Knesset and going to another election:
Israel is heading to its fifth election in three and a half years, after Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid gave up Monday on their efforts to stabilize the coalition.

In a joint statement, Bennett and Lapid said they would bring a bill to dissolve the Knesset to a vote next Monday. There is a consensus in the coalition and opposition on an October 25 date for the election.

Sources close to Bennett said the duo’s goal was to initiate an election on their own terms and not be forced out by opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the coalition agreement, Lapid will become caretaker prime minister until the election and until the new government takes power. He is set to greet US President Joe Biden when he comes to Israel next month.
See, that's the bad news; Lapid becoming even so much as a caretaker premier, considering what a leftist he is. And if he's meeting with Biden, that's also decidedly bad news. But, it looks like the farcical government Bennett/Lapid erected has crumbled. Let's hope they fare poorly as possible come the election day, and that Bennett will be on his way out of politics for good, after all the trouble he ultimately caused. He was never fit to be a premier in the first place.

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