Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Destroying Jewish buildings after a terrorist attack does not improve the situation

After the murder near Homesh, the government and authorities went about the wrong way:
Right-wing lawmakers expressed outrage on Friday after security forces demolished several buildings – including the local yeshiva – in the Homesh outpost in Samaria just hours after a memorial service was held in honor of resident Yehuda Dimantman, who was murdered last week in a terrorist shooting attack.

The Religious Zionist Party said in a statement, "The tens of thousands of Jews who went up to Homesh ... expressed the values of devotion and belief in the righteousness of the path. In contrast, [Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett, [Interior Minister Ayelet] Shaked, [Yamina MK Nir] Orbach, [Religious Services Minister Matan] Kahana, and their associates expressed the complete opposite: the loss of values, selfishness, deceit, and falsehood.

"They understand that the energies of the devoted public who went up to Homesh and with them the public that believes – traditional, Orthodox, secular – can overthrow the government they formed with the extreme Left and terrorism-supporting Arabs."

"Like [former Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon did in his time, so too Bennett and Shaked switched sides. They will do everything, and we mean everything, to protect their seats. Including destroying settlements in Israel. The destruction is meant to weaken and hurt, but we will persevere."
It's good they're reminding of what a repulsive piece of garbage Sharon turned out to be in the end. What he did really wound up leading to a disastrous atmosphere as seen today. The actions of the government must be condemned for the harm it causes.

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