Thursday, June 03, 2021

A travesty stemming from political hijacking

Last night, right-wing traitor Naftali Bennett made an agreement with Yair Lapid and Raam's Mansour Abbas to form a government for ousting Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister. It goes without saying that Bennett's obsession with becoming a premier himself is reprehensible, seeing how it all comes at Netanyahu's expense, along with many other conservative-leaning sources, and for all we know, this man could be disastrous enough to not only cave to US fraud-in-chief Joe Biden, he could also endanger the Abraham Accords.

Bennett's already losing people who rightly feel he's betrayed them, and indeed, he has. I don't want to call him a premier, seeing how he's becoming another example of a mindless politician who so dislikes another's conduct, he's willing to go miles out of his way to endanger everything. There is opposition coming up now on the right to this, trying to prevent any serious disaster from occurring, but sadly, it's entirely possible such will, and that they'll even exploit every possible opportunity to oppress free speech.

One of the saddest things about how the left is acting today is that it's clear they've become so jaw-droppingly spiteful of right-wing politics, they're willing to take every anti-democratic step possible to seize power themselves through hijacking. It's what happened with Donald Trump when he was ousted, and now, it's clearly happening here.

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