Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Sudan's government votes to annul anti-Israel boycott

It looks like there may be good news in Sudan, as the government is repealing their 63-year-old law forbidding ties with Israel:
Sudan's Cabinet voted on Tuesday to repeal a 1958 law that forbade diplomatic and business relations with Israel, it said in a statement, the latest development in relations between the two countries.

The move needs the approval of a joint meeting of Sudan's sovereign council and Cabinet, which serves as Sudan's interim legislative body, to come into effect, the Cabinet said.

While Sudan's civilian authorities have maintained that the decision to initiate relations with Israel would be left to the yet-to-be-formed transitional parliament, Tuesday's vote is seen as a step that could pave the way for official visits and further diplomatic ties.
So it appears they're following through with what was arranged when Donald Trump was POTUS, and making a more official agreement with Israel after all these years. And that's very thankful news indeed.

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