Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Biden appoints a rabid anti-Israelist to intel management at the National Security Council

Caroline Glick's spoken about fraud-in-chief Joe Biden's appointment of Maher Bitar, one of the worst people who worked with the Muslim Brotherhood on campuses, to a senior directorial position at the National Security Council:
As Daniel Greenfield reported at Frontpage online magazine, in 2006, as a student at Georgetown University, Bitar was a leader of the anti-Semitic, Muslim Brotherhood aligned Students for Justice in Palestine. As an SJP leader, he organized a so-called "boycott, divestment, and sanctions" campaign against Israel and its supporters on his campus. Greenfield reported that Bitar chaired a panel at a BDS conference where participants discussed how to indoctrinate Christians to believe that Israel has no right to exist.

After receiving a law degree from Georgetown, Bitar received a Master's from Oxford in "Forced Migration." He wrote a thesis about the "Nakba," or catastrophe of Israel's founding.

From Oxford, he moved to Jerusalem where he worked for UNRWA, the UN agency dedicated to keeping the descendants of Arabs who left Israel in 1948 in a state of perpetual limbo by blocking their naturalization in countries they have lived in for five generations. UNRWA's efforts to eternalize their misery are motivated by its institutional commitment to preventing any resolution of the Palestinian conflict with Israel.

During the Obama presidency, Bitar served on the National Security Council as the Israeli-Palestinian officer. He was Samantha Power's deputy. In 2016, as UN ambassador, Power played a key role in the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which labeled Israeli neighborhoods in unified Jerusalem and Israeli towns and cities in Judea and Samaria as a "flagrant violation of international law."

Bitar's appointment highlights perhaps the central dilemma now facing Israel's national leadership: How should Israel contend with what is shaping up to be the most hostile US administration ever?
Well there are ways in which Netanyahu was able to, as she continues to explain. But now, we're also facing a problem not just from the leftists in Israel, but also some poseurs on the right, including a most reprehensible "diplomat" who worked at the UN:
Netanyahu's political opponents aren't only on the left side of the spectrum. There are two ostensibly right-wing parties – Yisrael Beytenu and New Hope – that have joined with the left in their common dedication to defeating Netanyahu. Unfortunately, although they deny it, they are also members of the appeasement camp. Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman, of course, proved this to be the case by refusing to join a Netanyahu-led government and so blocking the formation of a rightist coalition after three successive elections in 2019 and 2020.

As for New Hope leader Gideon Sa'ar, his appeasement bent is exposed both by his political positions and actions and those of his colleagues.

Since bolting Likud, Sa'ar has joined Liberman in announcing that he will not join a Netanyahu government. Since the only other option is to join a leftist government, by default Sa'ar has placed his "right-wing" party on the Left. Equally telling, Sa'ar has provided blanket support for the legal fraternity and so legitimized the ongoing efforts of the state prosecution, the attorney general and to the Supreme Court to seize what remains of the executive powers of the government to determine national policy and the legislative powers of the Knesset to pass laws.

Last week, Sa'ar "diplomatic draft," former Consul General in New York Dani Dayan made clear in an interview with Makor Rishon that a Sa'ar government would happily concede Israel's national interests for good relations with the Biden administration.

Dayan, who served in New York from 2016 to 2020, bragged to the interviewer that as consul general, he deliberately disregarded the instructions he received from Netanyahu, who appointed him to his post. In his words, in a number of "central issues that were under the direct authority of the consul general, I operated to a degree contrary to Netanyahu's policies."

Among the policies Dayan mentioned, were Netanyahu's instructions related to his dealings with American Jews and Democratic politicians.

During Dayan's tenure, pro-Israel Democrat lawmakers were roundly defeated in primaries by anti-Israel progressive candidates. BDS activists seized leadership roles in the party's activist base and legislative bodies at the municipal, state and federal levels.
And now, this is pretty much the Democrat party as it stands today, with awful people like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar representing it in Congress. Yet Saar, Liberman and Dayan alike have strongly suggested they have no problem with such a reprehensible bunch, which makes this all a lot more tragic.

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