Thursday, January 14, 2021

Antisemitism continues to run rampant on Twitter's servers

Anti-racism activists are rightfully outraged at the levels of antisemitism still allowed on Twitter:
A group of anti-racism activists earlier this week staged a protest outside the home of Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, accusing him of failing to root out anti-Semitism and Holocaust deniers from his social media platform.

Activists from the "End Jew Hatred" movement, accused Dorsey of double standards when it comes to banning accounts that spread "misinformation" on "politics, the pandemic, or other issues".

"But when users on his platform spread harmful lies about the systematic murder of 6 million Jews, he does nothing,”
the movement said in a statement.
So in the leftist minds of the company execs, it's acceptable to get rid of Trump, yet antisemitic racists can be tolerated. But then, Twitter's fortunes on the stock market have been plummeting lately by over $5 billion, so hopefully, people are beginning to realize why it's just not worth the bother as a social media site.

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