Sunday, October 25, 2020

Minnesota Democrat admits Ilhan Omar doesn't belong in the party

The Daily Caller reveals that Collin Peterson, one of the few Democrats left who supports some conservative platforms, was willing to admit why Ilhan Omar doesn't belong in the Democrat party:
Minnesota Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar, saying that “she doesn’t belong in our party” in a September video, according to the Star Tribune.

His comments came in response to an operative for the National Republican Congressional Committee, who asked Peterson why he defended Omar after she said that “some people did something,” referring to the 9/11 attacks. The video was first obtained by the New York Post.
Well that's good he's admitting now that somebody who made offensive comments minimizing the 9-11 attacks doesn't belong in their party. There's no telling if he'll be reelected though in such a polarized atmosphere that the Democrats are largely responsible for leading to. Of course, the real concerns is whether Omar herself will be reelected, and if she is, that's very bad. The damage she's caused in her own way is very serious.

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