Monday, October 01, 2018

Illegal Muslim immigrants contaminate tons of produce en route to UK

The catastrophous policies of Europe lead to loss of revenue on groceries like onions:
British authorities were forced to destroy over 100,000 pounds of onions which were “contaminated” by illegal migrants discovered hiding in delivery lorries.

Border Force officials discovered more than twenty illegal migrants who identified themselves as being from Afghanistan, Albania, Iran, and Iraq — all Muslim-majority countries — in two separate incidents in the Port of Poole, the Dorset Echo reports.

“In June 2017 and January 2018, a total of 47,000 kilograms of onions were surrendered at the Port of Poole following the discovery of clandestine migrants in two vehicles that were being used to transport the goods,” explained Peter Haikin, the Borough of Poole’s Regulatory Services Manager.

“As a result of the discoveries, all of the produce was disposed of to ensure that no contaminated goods would end up in any restaurants or supermarkets.”

He added: “Borough of Poole continues to work closely with authorities to ensure that produce being provided to restaurants, supermarkets and distributors is safe for consumption.”

The high street value of the destroyed onions was estimated at over £35,000.
And the interlopers themselves may not have even been deported. I wonder if all the chemicals from the onions caused them to sob on the way over? But not nearly as much as I assume the produce distributors did, after the Muslim interlopers cost them only so much money in food supplies.

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