Sunday, June 24, 2018

Erdogan's imminent reelection will only further a serious problem for the sane world

A Fox News contributor accurately notes the likelihood Recep Erdogan, Turkey's dictator, will continue in the role for at least another decade:
Some voters have the hope of an opposition victory as the result of Erdogan’s lackluster campaign and a spiraling currency crisis. It’s more realistic, however, to start thinking about the problem that his victory is bound to cause for the rest of the world, and especially for the U.S.

Pollsters recalculating the probability of a victorious or defeated Erdogan forget one important feature of Turkey’s so-called democracy: it isn’t one. Erdogan has already stacked the cards for his own success in this election.

After the fixed outcome arrives, Erdogan will lead a Turkey that is more militarily interventionist throughout the broader Middle East and more willing to cooperate with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the cost of the U.S. interests, and those of NATO and the European Union.
It'll come at Israel's expense too, as I'm sure many realize. Already, in fact, as this article tells, it looks like Erdogan's already ensured his fixed victory too:
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took a commanding lead in his bid Sunday for a presidency with broadly expanded powers, with partial results reported by the country’s state-run news agency showing him with more than 50 percent of the vote — enough to avoid a runoff.

The high-stakes presidential contest and a parliamentary election also held Sunday were set to either consolidate Erdogan’s grip on power or curtail his vast political ambitions. The vote will complete Turkey’s transition from a parliamentary to a new executive presidential system, a move approved in a referendum last year.
Presidential, you say? More like dictatorial. The results are no shock at all, and only inform us Erdogan's going to be a despot for much longer time. For which reason, it's high time sanctions were imposed upon Turkey, until his regime can be stopped.

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