Sunday, September 18, 2016


The French government wants to distribute migrants from the Calais camp to other parts of France, which has various cities rightly angry, and opposed to the plan:
The group of leaders have rallied against the plan to dismantle the Calais migrant camp amid growing concerns the French government want to "secretly" replace the squalid makeshift camp with 'mini-Jungles' all over France.

Dozens of refugee camps will be set up across the country after the French Interior Minister insisted that he will shut down the notorious Jungle camp, holding at least 9,000 migrants.

A leaked government report announced plans to send 12,000 migrants throughout France as the solution to clear out Calais.
All that'll do is set up the same problem elsewhere across the country, and they know it. All they're doing is hinting they're not sorry about the terrorist attacks and other acts of violence already caused by the Islamofascists in the country.
The plan will see 12,000 migrants, evacuated from Calais and Paris, moved all across France.

The only region exempt from the plan is Corsica, following high-profile attacks on migrants on the island.

Robert Menard, the far-right mayor of the town of Beziers, warned that he does not want his city to be turned into "a small Calais".

He rejected the government's "offer to distribute the problem across France".

He said: "I do not want to grapple with this problem because I have already enough migrants and don't need to take in more of them.

"Earlier I opposed the arrival of Syrian refugees in Beziers, and now I do not want Calais migrants to come to my city which is poor enough and has other problems to deal with."

The controversial mayor said that the migrants already in the city added to crime and terrorism, after they "received some number of jihadists who proved to be terrorists".
And that's why no sane community should be forced to take them in. Hollande's government is just continuing to be deceptive and contemptible of the public they've harmed with their dhimmmitude. The migrants should be thrown out of the country, and if they wanted to, I think they could do that.

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