Thursday, August 11, 2016


It's stunning how many leftists there are in Twin Falls, Idaho, who're going out of their way to cover up for the Muslim children who raped a 5-year-old girl in the city:
The activists want to bring justice to a five-year-old American girl who was raped on June 2 by a group of refugee children as a 14-year-old refugee videotaped the horrible incident. Idaho activist Julie Ruf tells Breitbart News that statements made by Olson to protect the refugee community in the wake of rapes indicate she is unfit for the job of protecting the Constitution.

Julie Ruf has been working with the victim’s family since the rapes happened, trying to help get them both victim services and fair treatment by local authorities. The fight is an uphill climb for Ruf and other activists, as both local authorities and media members began attacking the group for expressing concerns about the dangers of the recent influx of Muslim refugees into the area.

A number of local businesses in the food processing industry use the refugee population as a source of cheap labor, and also receive financial incentives from both the state and federal government for employing refugees instead of Americans.

The Twin Falls activist expressed concerns about the brutal rape of the mentally challenged five-year-old, which included oral and anal penetration as well as the victim being urinated on by at least two of the boys. One concern of the local activists were recent headlines around the world about videotaped sexual assault involving Muslim refugees, such as the New Year’s Eve attack in Cologne, Germany.

U.S. Attorney Olson made a statement that appeared to threaten local activists with legal action for expressing their concern if that speech contain “false information.”
Read the rest, because it's already horrific enough that the attorney would have the sick gall to do that. The press coverage in the area is also horrific, and all reporters who called the girl's friends "racists" should be ostracized.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have both been asked to visit the area, but with Hilary's record, I think it's better that just Donald pay a visit. This is very disturbing that practically a whole town governing system is corrupt enough to cover for sexual abuse, all because of money.

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